Got another big fish in Iraq

More appalling stupidity: Jihadist site: Soccer is against Islam

Un sito islamista dice che il calcio è contro l'Islam e fa parte di un qualche "complotto crociato"

Human "Rights" Commission????! Rapist of slained Iranian-Canadian journalist guest of new Human Rights body

E poi bisognerebbe affidarsi all'Onu? Il torturatore della giornalista irano-canadese uccisa ora è ospite alla Commissione Onu sui diritti umani!

Petition: Protest the Legitimization of Islamic Regime by the United Nations

How quickly we've forgotten 9/11…: Saudis Offered Scholarships for Aviation Courses in US

Se è vera, questa notizia ha dell'incredibile. I cittadini sauditi potrebbero nuovamente frequentare corsi di pilotaggio negli Stati Uniti. Se è vero, uno si chiede come si faccia a dimenticare che la maggior parte degli attentatori delle torri gemelle erano sauditi che avevano frequentato corsi di pilotaggio negli Usa..

 Guns and Butter

Magdi Allam : Immigrazione, meglio la politica dei piccoli passi

SMCCDI: Extracts of President Bush's speech about the Iranian People

SMCCDI: Parte del discorso di Bush sul popolo iraniano

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  1. Matt says:

    I see we’re moving on up in the world on to WordPress! I think it’s sad in a sense the same day those dead soldiers were abducted was the day we killed that religious SOB. With any luck, he’s burning in hell for what he commanded the new head to do. That jihadist site being against soccer isn’t the first time I’ve heard of that. Michael Leeden wrote an excellent article for the National Review Online a while back stating how jihadis “play” soccer in Saudi Arabia. With regards to the Saudis being able to get avation scholarships, well, I don’t know what to make of that. Not all of them are bad (, but by the same token let’s not kid ourselves what the vast majority would want. Bush’s speech, while admirable, needs concrete action. I just finished a summer class for college on speech, my final was on helping the Iranian people overthrow their government. I argued we should insert special forces into Tehran to play a support role to help them overthrow the gov’t. Like for instance, arm them with Stingers to shoot down gunships that come to fire on the demonstrators, weaponry to attack police that fire on the peaceful demonstrators, help them get past the six hour mark, and march on gov’t buildings in Tehran. That guy who was the head of Kazemi’s death being invited is not shocking. I have no faith in international organizations, no matter how warm and fuzzy they might seem.

  2. Lisistrata says:

    complimenti per il nuovo sito. Poi cambio tutti i collegamenti.

    Buon proseguimento da Lisistrat

  3. Dan says:

    So Stefania, is your country going to us a favour by knocking off the Czechs?

    Congrats on the new site!

    By the way, did you win that race you were in a couple months back?

  4. This blog is great. The catroon is even better.\


  5. Mad Minerva says:

    Dear Stefania, this is a beautiful new website! Complimenti!

    I especially enjoyed the link to “soccer is against Islam.” Some people have no sense of humor. I have never heard anybody say soccer is against Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, etc. etc. Do radical Islamists think sport and happiness and fun are evil? Probably! But killing innocent people is OK!

    Also, today in the World Cup, the United States plays Ghana. Who should win, according to Islamofascists? They have always hated America, and they now don’t like Ghana after its players held up the Israeli flag!

    By the way, good luck to Italy in the Czech Republic game! Please no more own-goals! 😉

  6. freethoughts says:

    Lisi, era ora di cambiare!

    Dan: I hope so. Let’s cross the fingers. No, I have not been elected but was an exciting experience anyway-

    Mad Minerva: Yes, I think there’ll not be own-goals: Zaccardo will not play!

    As for the Islamists’ sense of “humor”, well today I’ve spoke with a Moroccan in the beach: he thinks that women should be closed inside their homes and that we Western women in bikini are not good human beings! He seemed angry when I told him that I don’t like the Qur’an.

    And you know what? An Italian even defended their culture! He was such a dhimmi that I preferred not to continue to speak. After all, he works for the U.N. in Afghanistan.. I said: for the U.N. and that says it all .

  7. freethoughts says:

    Matt: as always: thanks for your eye-opening comments.

  8. jammy says:

    nice links…
    liked the cartoon better though

  9. An update on Jihadi terrorism

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