Welcome. Benvenuti

Yes. I moved here. Why? Splinder was not working well.

The blog's content will be EXACTLY THE SAME.

Please be patient as I'll be moving all the links here. Yes, I'll post today.

Please don't forget to update your bookmarks and say the same to your friends! Spread the word, please.

Salve a tutti. Questo è il mio nuovo indirizzo. Il blog avrà gli stessi contenuti del precedente. Man mano aggiungo tutti i link. Modificate il link, e dite ai vostri amici di fare lo stesso.

A più tardi.

14 Responses to Welcome. Benvenuti

  1. Alex says:

    Hi there Stef testin 1 2 3 testing hahaha scherzare tryin to write Italian don’t laugh.. you page looks great..

  2. E Gonzalez says:

    Nuestra buena amiga Stefania ha cambiado de casa. Si es asi como nuestra valiosa companera de la red, seguro sera mejor para ella asi como para el trabajo que realiza.
    Todos los cubanos que participamos en el intercambio en la red debemos de apoyarla a ella y al sitio que administra, este donde esta.
    Ella hace mucho mas por los cubanos.

  3. Bisqui says:

    che bella notizia. Complimenti! Allora ti seguo qui, ma dimmi dove hai messo i feed per poterti leggere sempre aggiornato?

  4. freethoughts says:

    Alex, Grazie!

    Eloy: Gracìas por tan hermosas palabras.

    Bisqui, ora metto a posto tutto. Dammi un pò di tempo .

  5. MaxArt says:

    Stefania, don’t forget to use the icon that Nickie Goomba made for your blog 🙂

  6. no2liberals says:

    I like your new place, and what you’ve done with it! 😎
    Moving is such a pain, but new beginnings are always exciting.
    Onward through the Fog!

  7. Jane says:

    yo Stef, looking nifty

  8. I have changed the link. Now it is going to be easier sending pingbacks! It was somewhat difficult to send them to haloscan, in fact mines never reached their goal!

    Do you know you can change the header image in this theme? 😉


  9. Oh, I forgot to tell you, the RSS link is not displayed.

  10. freethoughts says:

    Max, I did it 😉

    no2liberals: Yes, it is worth it. After all, Splinder was infiltrated by liberals!

    Jane, thanks.

    Lady: how can I change it? Let me know

    Also, I’ll put the RSS link.

    A bit of patience and everything will be ok again!

  11. When you open the Dashboard there are some links under “WordPress.com News”. One of them is this:

    “Custom headers everywhere”.

    You have there the instructions. 😉

    There are a lot of people that have changed it. My theme, though does not allow it.

    And well, here there are liberals and worshippers of Tariq Ramadan as in any other site. 😦

  12. And thanks for the link! 😉

  13. Aribandus says:

    Ciao Stefania. Bene Bene! 🙂

  14. freethoughts says:

    Aribandus, Splinder funzionava malissimo! L’ultima volta mi ha cancellato mezzo post! Non ne potevo più ! 😦

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