Read this and be aware that your taxes are unawarely funding these thugs. Hamas: Islam will conquer US,Britain,France, Italy,etc..

Nel suo sito, Hamas ricorda che l'Islam conquisterà gli Usa, l'Inghilterra, l'Italia, etc.. Questi sono gli assassini ai quali vanno parte dei nostri soldi pubblici, senza che neanche lo sappiamo.

But don't tell it to the left: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq

Trovate 500 armi chimiche in Iraq dal 2003 e si pensa che se ne troveranno altre. Questo dovrebbero leggerlo chi a sinistra continua a dire che non c'erano armi di distruzione di massa..

Interview with Bat Ye'or: The protocols of the elders of Brussels

Steven Stalinsky on Al-Waleed's newly-founded TV: Saudi Billionaire Prince's Hate TV

Good news from Brussels: Islamic centre staff jailed for inciting race hatred

Finalmente il Belgio fa sul serio contro i predicatori d'odio. Arrestati i gestori di un centro islamico per aver predicato l'odio razziale contro gli ebrei

Washington Times: Israel's self-destruction – Concessions endanger nation's survival

Iraqi Reformist translated by MEMRI: Arab Schizophrenia

French Margaret Tatcher to run for office

Interesting: Mauritania and the Presidential Dilemma

Su Ragion Politica: A Cuba la dittatura non dà libero accesso ad Internet    

Cubazuela's Chavista thugs kill Venezuelan editor

'Miracles' of  Cuban health care:Jamaican returns from Cuban eye care miracle blind and bitter

Chain of fasts in solidarity with Guillermo Fariñas

Cuban Exile Organizations Declare Their Solidarity with Lic. Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

Anti-Castro messages in a handkerchief written by political prisoners in the Ceramica Roja prison


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  1. Matt says:

    The Left has wasted no time discrediting those 500 WMD found. They claim that since they’re pre-Gulf War (they are) that they pose no threat nor were they the WMD we went war for nor were they proof of a WMD program. Well, from what I’ve read from ex-Army personnel who posted at FreeRepublic who happened to have chemical weapons trainning, supposedly they’re still destroying stuff left over from WWI that’s toxic. Additionally, the guy claimed when they did chem weapons trainning they went to an area that was hit with mustard gas during WWI. His instructor told him not to sit on the ground, lest he experince some effects from the mustard gas. I heard about the horrible killing of that Venzuelan newspaper editor. I heard another guy died in a “car accident”. The Jamaican should’ve known better than to go to Cuba, but I doubt he could afford to go to anywhere else. Saudis with hate TV and Hamas ranting on how they will kill us all are nothing new. That’s pretty cool about the hankerchief. I love the “Castro no, love and freedom yes!”.

  2. freethoughts says:

    The Left will never concede that there were tons of WMDs in Iraq.

    Did you hear the latest statements by the Italian Foreign Minister? It’s an example of such a leftist immaturity.

  3. Have sent you an email about the RSS from my yahoo account. Have you read it?

  4. And looks like there are more WMD buried but no one has investigated it:


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