From Michelle Malkin: Jihad in Miami 

Where's the anti-GITMO crowd when it's needed? Taleban use children as human shields

Tiny minority of extremists in Britain: Poll shows Muslims in Britain are the most anti-western

Un sondaggio rivela che i mussulmani britannici sono i più anti-occidentali d'Europa 

My article in the American Thinker: Iran and the World Cup

Magdi Allam: Se l'Italia spalanca le porte 

I found two videos of a rap song “Hasta Cuando” (For How Long?) , sang by a Cuban rap singer living in Canada.The first one if the original video as created by the singer himself. The second is the one created by Somos . Anyway, I recommend both! To see the first video, click here .To see the video by Somos Cubanos, click here . Also posted at Publius Pundit

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  1. Matt says:

    I think those first three articles you posted need no commenting nor elaboration. The idea the Iranian team was ordered to lose isn’t that farfetched. I watched those two videos of Hasta Cuando. I like the one by Somos Cubanos a bit better. Both videos are very powerful. I think all those on the Left that idolize Castro should see them.

  2. I think there is also a distinct possibility that the US team was also ordered to lose. Most of the world sees the US as an oppressor, whose culture reaches worldwide. This causes resentment. Particularly at this moment, the US needs to show the world that we do not have to dominate everything, and we think of ourselves as just one among many nations, and not as the overbearing Superpower. A World Cup victory for the US would have angered people throughout the world, and it would not gain us any sympathy or allies.

    Actually, I’m just joking. The truth is we stink.

  3. freethoughts says:

    Matt and Gormless Norman: Iran is ruled by a tyranny and , just like Saddam, the regime there is the one that decides if the team has to win or lose, based on the internal situation (fear of mass protests against the regime).

  4. Have sent you an email about the RSS 😉

    Anyway, I am inpressed about Iranians losing the game. As I did not see the video I did not know it.

    Thanks for pointing it up for European people who do not see football (and Spain is winning now 😉 although I am not very optimistic 😦 ).

  5. When Saddam was in power, he also meddled in the country’s football matches. To be more specific, his son Uday was in charge of the Iraqi Olympics teams, and he tortured and killed athletes if they didn’t perform well. Here is a Sports Illustrated article from March 2003 about it.

  6. freethoughts says:

    Yes, Gormless. It’s a very well-known fact indeed.

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