It's official: Somalia is now ruled by an Al Qaeda regime 

The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to offend the human conscience with their open Holocaust denial. It seems that nobody is gonna take punitive measures even as they are even planning an Holocaust denying "conference"

And don't expect any change of heart from our friends and allies the Saudis: Christians still 'swine' and Jews 'apes' in Saudi schools

Nelle scuole saudite si continuano a chiamare i cristiani "maiali" e gli ebrei "scimmie" . Non aspettiamoci che i sauditi cambino i loro libri di testo

The jizyia of terror. Germany sends 20 million euros (taxpayers' money) to Hamas mass murderers

Mark Steyn: U.S. can't 'redeploy' its way out of Iraq 


I've interviewed Maxìmo Josè Garcìa of the Cuban Liberal Movement. Read the interview here 

Gracias, Guillermo.

Documentary on the anti-regime protests organized by exiled Cuban activists and members of the Front of the the Total Freedom of Cuba, in Puerto Rico during the matches played by the Cuban baseball team. It's a must-see video documentary you can watch here. With thanks to Claudia Marquez Linares, former political prisoner now living in PR since a couple of months after leaving Cuba last year. Claudia had participated to that peaceful demo, outside the stadium.

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  1. Alex says:

    Execellent video I saw few days ago and I posted on my blog..My good friend send it to me and you can see him on this video being interview.

  2. freethoughts says:


    who’s the friend who sent it to you?

  3. Matt says:

    I don’t get what the Saudis are trying to pull. The only one I talk with ( certainly doesn’t act like how they tell them to in the textbooks. Beyond this though, my greatest concern beyond it fostering potential terrorists, is what the Saudi gov’t is trying to do. They’re trying to please the unpleasable, unappeasable. You’d think after the attacks on the Riyadh gov’t buildings, they’ d understand. She (Farah) told me that maybe the Royal Family are the only ones that can keep the country together. This much I know, if they keep on the path of promoting hatred like this, it’ll bite them in the ass and then they will truly be in hell when the Islamists do a coup. I haven’t the faintest idea why Germany would send twenty million euros. I thought Merkel knew what she was doing, eveidently not! That Mark Steyn article was priceless! They should stop calling me and all other Americans, Americans. From this moment forward, I’m an undocumented border patrol agent! That reminds me. I’m going to Ecuador on July 13th for a month. There’s a store I go to buy Spanish music CDs. I enjoy going in there and using my Spanish. I was in there yesterday to buy some CDs for Ecuador, I noticed an advertisement in their window for US States’ (each state of the Union) IDs. Then, there was a disclaimer that said, “Note: Not an official gov’t ID.” I had to laugh and yet be angry at the same time. On the one hand, it’s funny because everybody knows what they’d be used for. On the other hand, it’s not because who knows who’d be getting those IDs.

  4. Myrtus says:

    Hi Stefania, I love your new look! (:

  5. […] Link from Free Thoughts […]

  6. freethoughts says:

    Matt, so it seems you speak Spanish very well?

    Myrtus, thanks for the compliments to the blog!

  7. Matt says:

    I’d say I’m by no means fluent but I can hold my own and then some.

  8. freethoughts says:

    Good, Matt! It’s not that difficoult, at least for us Italians.

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