Toronto Sun’s editorial : It’s time to stand with Israel

It’s rare to see mainstream media calling terrorists with their true name. Today, Fox News does.


Lebanese TV channel broadcast open Holocaust denial

Alla TV libanese si parla delle “bugie ebraiche sull’Olocausto”, dicendo che gli ebrei avrebbero “ingigantito” il numero delle vittime. Ecco cosa viene trasmesso nelle TV arabe

Omar, Iraq the Model : No amnesty for killers, period! 

Polish group Future of Europe organizes a campaign in support of Oriana Fallaci, as she faces a show-trial in Italy, charged by a notorious anti-semite and pro-terrorist individual, Adam Smith, who had thrown a crucifix out of a hospital’s window. Among the campaign’s supporters is Lech Walesa. Because, even if one doesn’t agree with the tones used by Fallaci, free speech must be defended.

Most Germans against Turkey joining EU: poll .And this trend is the same in many other European countries, including Italy. But don’t hold your breath, the Eurocrats are not gonna care about the people’s opinion.

Sondaggio: il 63% dei tedeschi è contro l’ingresso della Turchia in Europa. Sentimento uguale a quello di molti paesi europei, compresa l’Italia. Ma non aspettiamoci che i burocrati di Bruxelles tengano in conto l’opinione dei loro cittadini.

China Cracks Down on Blogs, Search Engines

Buone nuove, anche se il Kuwait non è ancora una democrazia e le elezioni sicuramente non sono libere: Kuwait, donne al voto per la prima volta

Darfur, where genocide does not make the headlines.Please, contact your media and ask them to dedicate a bit of their coverages to those who are dying under heavy bombings and rape in that region.

Il Genocidio in Darfur non fa notizia




More social justice in Castro’s Cuba: Residents evicted to expand dairy and : Price of bus tickets up

The faces of hatred. Look some of the Castroite militiamen dressed as civilians, during their infamous ‘acts of repudiation’ in front of the houses of peaceful democracy activists in Cuba. Some of them have been identified as working in the Ministry of Interior. Here’s the list of the most active militiamen and their affiliation to the communist militias. They are part of the Cuban nomenklatura, the minority who holds all the country’s wealth while the Cuban people (who is refusing to participate in these acts and shows solidarity to the dissidents) suffers lack of food and clean water. These lists are being used by Cuban justice groups in the exile to bring them to justice once Cuba is free.

5 Responses to

  1. freethoughts says:

    Anderson, premetto che non ho letto e non leggerò mai i suoi commenti-spam. Non mi interessa la propaganda nazi-comunista.

    Cosa mi dice dei bambini del Darfur? Quelli non li interessano?

  2. freethoughts says:

    Tutte le vostre accuse nei confronti degli americani ed israeliani si sono sempre rivelate delle bufale enormi (Jenin, Fallujah, Haditha, Gaza). Continuate a collezionare figure di merda, complimenti.

  3. Matt says:

    I say Israel should just wipe out the Palestinian government and any other terrorists that stand in their way. Enough is enough. They allowed Hamas to be elected, pulled out of the Gaza Strip, taken numerous blows from HizbAllah based in Lebanon, and let Syria shelter Hamas’ leader with impunity. The Palestinians (in government and terrorists) have shown beyond any doubt that they are unwilling to cooperate and officially recognize Israel. There’s no curing them, there’s only one solution to dealing with Palestinian terrorists: capture or kill as many as possible. It appears that Lebanese TV station wasn’t Al-Manar, but I’m wondering if it was funded by HizbAllah. Stop the self-dhimmitude with the courts in Italy, sheesh! Also, that list of Castro’s punks, while useful, might have been more complete with photos, if possible.

  4. freethoughts says:


    You’re right. Israel has to have the guts to capture or kill all the terrorists, including the members of the current palestinian ‘government’ and isolate Abbas as it was done with arafat.

    I’m for the hard-line, because there’s no other language the palestinians understand. They showed more than one time that all they want is war, not peace.

    As for Castro’s punks, well, I put a link with the photos of some of them. The dissidents in Cuba don’t have the means to take photos of all of them.

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