Bin Laden praises Zarqawi in an audiotape that of course was broadcast by Al Jazeera Jihad TV

Reward offered for Zarqawi’s successor

The United Tyrannies target Israel

Globe and Mail: Palestinian female prisoners have blood on their hands

Jim has photos of the funeral of 18-year-old Asheri Elyahu

Playboy editor, models investigated in Indonesia

Lisistrata: Dalla vita alla morte passando per l’inferno

At Publius Pundit: A well-deserved victory

Not all Bolivians are insane: Bomb damages sculpture of Che in Bolivia . Bolivians heading to polls to decide autonomy. Publius Pundit has very nice photos of a 100,000-people strong massive rally against Evo Morales in Santa Cruz.

U.S. diplomats in Havana say they worry about Cuban government harassment that intrudes on their personal and professional lives

An encouraging news: U.S. Report recommends $80 million to help Cuba’s dissidents

Even as the regime threatens an increase in repression, the Cuban Liberal Movement celebrates the 4th anniversary by reaffirming committment in promoting the liberal values, among which free markets, among the Cuban population, which has shown growing interest. Leon Padròn Azcuy tells more from Havana here.

Gloria Amaya Gonzalez, an example of courage. 78 years old, mother of the Sigler Amaya brothers, some still in prison, other released for health problems and some of them fled into the exile. Her house hosts the meetings of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option and she is, along with her sons, often victim of the brutal acts of repudiation. She was savagely beaten several times, and now she sits on a wheelchair. Castroites attempted to kill her and her sons. The mobs even used schoolchildren to threat to set her house on fire. They used tear gases against her son Miguel, now living in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She’s a lifelong anti-communist activist. Read more about her  here, in Spanish.

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  1. Matt says: The Egyptian that wrote this article is just begging to get destroyed by US military might. Ok, we’re bad at soccer, that’s understandable and honestly I don’t care. What I do care about is how he used soccer as a pretext to take a shot at us for our defense of Israel and our dynamite military. If he wants to do those things fine, just do them and don’t as we say here pussyfoot around the subject. Alright, I guess Israelis, US soldiers, innocent Iraqi civillians, and others who have nothing to do with terrorism are no longer noteworthy to the media. This doesn’t suprise me though, neither does the fact quite a few Palestinian women have blood on their hands. What will suprise me is if we do anything with that $80 milllion. Back in 2004 (jeez, has it been that long?), Bush ordered Colin Powell to make a report on helping Cuba’s transition to democracy. You can find on the State Department’s web site. I was unimpressed. As Val at Babalú stated something to the effect of how Cuba’s independence is of little import to the US gov’t. Hey, US Grand Prix is tomorrow! I’m going. Italy have any drivers there?

  2. freethoughts says:

    Matt, thanks for your comment. Regarding the drivers, well of course we have. But honestly I don’t know anything more about that. Do you practice any sport?

  3. Matt says:

    I don’t do any sports right now. I did way back when. I was disappointed that Scott Speed (the first US driver ever in the US Grand Prix since Eddie Cheever back in the ’80s) wiped out at the first turn of the first lap. I’m trying to remember, but if I recall, the driver from Italy was out of the race when a crash between Jacques Villenuve and six others happened on the infield. I was talking with a man from Spain who hoped Italy would beat Germany after losing to France. He then hoped Italy would beat the winner of France vs. Portugal. Nice to know you have some support from other countries in such a crucial area as the world cup.

  4. freethoughts says:

    Thanks, Matt. Honestly, I don’t know much about Grand Prix. I am worried that Italy could be eliminated by Germany . The popular saying in soccer states that when a team plays at home, it usually wins.

    I hope this will not be true. But great that Brazil is out. At least I can hope a little bit !

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