Asheri killers surrender to IDF

Terror plots accelerating in UK, warns police chief .The problem is that so far the British authorities have no intention to fight the roots of Jihad, that is the Jihadist ideology preached in most of the mosques, where people are brainwashed and then go blow themselves up.

North Korea wants and seeks war

Irony of the day: Muslim cleric who condoned suicide bombers to speak on eve of 7/7 anniversary 

I participated at a Global Crisis Watch PodCast about Iran where Iranian freedom fighter Aryo Pirouznia of SMCCDI was interviewed by Rich Lafayetta,Nick Grace,Leah Soibel of the Israel Project and by me. Listen to it here, starting from the minute ’20.

Still idiotarian calls to ban display of St. George in UK

In Inghilterra si chiede di abolire la figura di San Giorgio come santo patrone della nazione, per non offendere i mussulmani…

Egyptian TV Promoting Anti-Semitism and Child ‘Martyrdom’  

Pakistani rationalist flees his country after facing police torture and attacks by Islamists

CBN Report: Muslims Turned Christian Pay the Price

Catholics in Turkey feel Threatened  after Priest’s Stabbing

More evidence that Nazists and Communists are friends after all.

Still anti-governamental signs in the walls of Cuba. ‘Abajo Fidel’ (Down with Fidel) appeared in a wall of the city of Bayamo. Interestingly enough, Abajo was painted with dye and Fidel with faeces

Cuban activists send wishes to the U.S, on the Independence Day. Ricardo Medina Salabarrìa, a young priest of the Roman Orthodox Church of Cuba, written a message from the prison where he’s since 1 year. ‘From this dark place, I send my wishes to the U.S. President, the House, Congress, Cuban-American lawmakers,the Cuban community and the American people. Plus, we remember those who died to win independence.Long Live 4th of July! Long Live the American People! Long Live the Cuban Republican Party! Long Live aFree Cuba! ” Listen to the message read by an independent journalist here.

The Independent Movement for an Alternative Option wishes the American Nation a happy July 4th. “We wish them to continue defending their democratic system based on the humanist values preached by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.The US mission to fight leftist and right-wing dictatorships and terrorism,must be a lesson for those dictators and totalitarian regimes committed in spreading hatred  and slavery. Best wishes to the American people and nation, thanks for paying homage to the great Statue of Liberty. ” Listen to the party’s spokesman Oscar Sanchez Madam here

Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya, one of the founders of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option: “We send our wishes to the American Nation and its President. The great american nation has always welcomed entrepreunering people from around the world, including lots of Cubans. To you, American brothers who back in 1776 founded this great nation; to you, brothers who have fought fascism and communism; to you, who continue fighting terrorists and tyrants: best wishes brothers. May God save this great country the United States of America. Listen to him here



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  1. Hola gracias por incluir nuestro blog poltico en su página , usted tambien esta incluido en la nuestra.

  2. Matt says:

    Ok, Ahseri’s killers surrender to the IDF. I’m suprised. I figured they’d go out against the Zionist crusaders in a blaze of gunfire and become martyrs. The excessive amount of terror plots in the UK isn’t really news to my ears. I hope they figured out appeasement doesn’t work. Reading about the idiots calling for the banning of St. George in the UK made me laugh. I informed my dad about how the Muslim extremists convinced some Swedes not wear their flag in public due to a cross being shown. He was shocked, no joke. Thanks again for the Independence Day wishes.

  3. freethoughts says:

    Chilenos, gracìas a ustedes 😉

    Matt: I am not optimistic about the end of appeasement by Blair.You’re welcome, I hope you passed a wonderful 4th of July!

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