1 Injury Reported in Kassam Rocket Attack .But don’t expect the media to show you the photo of the victim.

L’ennesimo razzo lanciato dai terroristi palestinesi contro città israeliane ha provocato un ferito. Poi ci continuano a raccontare la balla secondo la quale i palestinesi non hanno armi, se non le pietre..Ma non prendeteci per i fondelli..

Italy’s minority gov’t (elected because of an additional seat from the Italian expatriates) arrested two officials of the intelligence service SISMI and seeks 4 Americans for doing the right thing: taking an Islamic terror supporter into custody. To Mr. Prodi and his companions, it’s not the terrorists who must be eliminated, but those who fight them. Really disgusting. I am part of that exact half of the Italians who did not vote for this gov’t.

Il governo di minoranza delle sinistre (eletto per un pochi voti dagli italiani all’estero) ha arrestato due agenti del SISMI ed ora cerca 4 americani, che hanno fatto il loro dovere, come servizi di intelligence, nel prendere in custodia (a fini di interrogatorio)un noto imam integralista di Milano. Il signor Prodi ed i suoi compagni pensano che quelli da combattere non sono i terroristi, ma quelli che combattono il terrorismo. Ma la sinistra non diceva di essere a favore dell’uso dell’intelligence contro il terrorismo in alternativa alla guerra? Due son le cose: o sono scemi, oppure il terrorismo non gli interessa combatterlo. Io opto per la seconda opzione.

Charles Krauthammer: Remember What Happened Here

Magdi Allam: Europa, un musulmano su 4 difende i kamikaze

It’s official: Somalia is a sharia state. Somali World Cup viewers killed

E’ ufficiale: in Somalia regna la sharia. Islamisti (al governo) entrano in un cinema ed uccidono due spettatori che stavano guardando Germania-Italia


Il Tempo: Intervista a Marco Taradash

Guillermo Fariñas Hernandez has suspended his 4-month-long hunger and thirst strike, according to Niurvis Diaz Ramòn of Hernandez’s Cubanacan Press. Suspended means that he might resume it. One thing is sure: he suspended the strike, but his determination to go ahead with the fight for freedom of information and free access to the Internet for all Cubans is stronger than ever.Castro should be aware of that. A blog has been created for Guillermo.

On July 1 and 2 and despite the constant presence of the harassing Castroite mobs led by the State Security and the political police, the Cultural Project of Occident Movement held a meeting about Human Rights and Democracy in Pinar del Rio (Spanish)

11 HEROES. LET’S GO TO BERLIN, LET’S GO TO TAKE THE CUP! Watch to the Italian reporters commenting the two goals here

11 EROI IN AZZURRO. ANDIAMO A BERLINO A PRENDERCI LA COPPA!  Audio/ Video della telecronaca dei due goal da parte di Caressa di Sky

6 Responses to

  1. Leeuw says:

    Congratulations Stefania!!
    Italy deserved to win this match, and I hope Italian people have seen that it is possible to win without this ugly system, created by the italians, called “Catenaccio”.
    But, because of my admiration for Zidane, I will support France in the Final (his last game).

  2. MaxArt says:

    Oh dear, we really deserved the victory! 🙂 Anyway, the “catenaccio” wasn’t invented in Italy, even though we were masters apllying it. But it’s kinda uneffective nowadays, so we dropped it. Last time we used it, in 2004 with coach Trapattoni, we only got a disapponting 1-1 against Sweden and we were kicked out of the European League. However, France used it quite effectively today, but Portugal’s forwards don’t bite.

    But remember, Germans had the right to kill that bear! 😉

  3. Matt says:

    I think that’s a bit strange, not to mention disturbing that those members of SISMI were arrested. That shows how much the gov’t values its intelligence agents. It makes you wonder what will happen when they have an opportuniy to nail a major terrorist leader but then think about what happened to these guys. That article from Time about Israel was not only dead on the money, but also suprising. Time usually doesn’t come out on Israel’s side. Please beat France! I can’t imagine them winning!

  4. freethoughts says:

    Leew, thanks for the congrats, but I agree with Max Art about the “Catenaccio”.

    You’re free to support France, but you won’t be welcomed here anymore! Just joking ! 😉

    Max: yes, they had the right. I put the cartoon because I agreed with the latin sentence 🙂

  5. freethoughts says:

    Matt: the Italian gov’t is endangering Italy’s national security more than any terrorist right now, because of these insane decisions.

    They always claimed “War is not going to stop terrorism! Terrorism must be fought with intelligence! ” and then they arrest the intelligence officers who fight terrorism with intelligence like the left always wanted !!

    I wish we could beat France. It will be hard to do it, but Italy is strong enough!

  6. Marco says:

    Grazie Ragazzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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