7 wounded in Kassam rocket strike on Sderot

7 feriti da un razzo palestinese lanciato sulla città israeliana di Sderot

Russia : kidnapping not morally inhumane; rather, “it harms the palestinian interests”

London bombings. One year later. See the faces of the victims here and here

Al Qaeda releases video congratulating for the 7/7 London bombings, on the first anniversary of the tragedy

Magdi Allam: Londra, il buonismo di Tony Blair . Leggete anche: «Italia debole di fronte all’offensiva terroristica»

The Italian courts, issuing the arrest warrant for two Sismi officials and 4 Americans

I tribunali italiani, emettendo la sentenza di sfascio del Sismi

Della Vedova sul decreto Visco-Bersani: Gettate le basi per lo stato di polizia fiscale

Dal blog del mio amico Nicola: Le stangate travestite da liberalizzazioni

Guillermo Fariñas Hernandez did NOT suspended his 4-month-long hunger and thirst strike (Spanish)

Dignified protest: Journalist’s hunger strike for Internet access shows the evil of Castro’s rule

New Independent libary inaugurated in Cuba. It’s in Havana and it’s name is “Pat Tillman”, in honor of the American ex-baseball player died in Afghanistan serving his country. (Spanish)

More Cubans escaping Castro’s Gulag: 16 landed in Honduras, but they want to go to the U.S. (Spanish)

Los cubanos siguen huyendo de Cuba. 16 arribaron a Honduras rumbo a Estados Unidos. Noticia aqui

A Christian pastor is harassed in Guaimaro, Camagüey Province, Cuba. He has a 5-year-old son and his wife is pregnant. He’s facing forced expulsion from his house because he preaches the Gospel. Luis Esteban Espinosa granted the priest the right to launch his SoS. Listen here

List of the members of the Cuban Liberal Movement who joined the hundreds of freedom fighters who, inside Cuba, are fasting in solidarity with Guillermo. Sent by Maxìmo Josè, our friend of the CLM and one of the participants.

Comunicado  del Movimiento Liberal Cubano. Enviado por Maxìmo Josè Garcìa, miembro de dicho movimiento y uno de los ayunantes

Commission of Assistance to Political Prisoners and their families.Report here, in Spanish.

Comisión de Atención a Presos Políticos, de Conciencia y sus familiares.Reporte de Trabajo

Máximo José García González, Activista pro Derechos Humanos: Ayuno en Solidaridad con Fariñas

Human Rights Activist Arbitrarily Imprisoned

Message from Ricardo Pupo Sierra to the Cuban people

Spanish NGO ‘Spanish Solidarity with Cuba’ (with Cuba, not with Castro), has published the first “Touristic and Solidarity Guide to Cuba” in which reminds to the tourists about the reality in Cuba, including that of the dissidents and the families of political prisoners

Sandmonkey will support Italy against France! Shukran, Sam!

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