GRAZIE CAMPIONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just came back from the celebrations in my city. But the party is still taking place!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot repeat the slogans the people shouted!

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  2. Manos says:

    Congratulations Italy ,from Greece!!Italian football has a lot of fans here.I am very happy you won the cup.I was really disappointed when you missed it in 1994.But now it was your time…On the other hand it’s really sad the way that zidane ended his football career…I wouldn’t expect that from an ex-bianconeri who had lived in Italy.I hope juventus and the other clubs will take part again this year in serie A.The clubs do not deserve it ,but their players definetely do…

  3. I remember when Italia won in ’82: every Italian business in New York had pictures of the team on the walls. It must be pandemonium where you are. Those were 5 excellent penalty kicks. Congratulations!

  4. Islam = Communism = Fascism

    The wonderfully prodigious and tenacious blogger Stefania is, for once, speechless (but not pictureless — she has a great series of slap happy Italian footballeri pics).

  5. freethoughts says:

    Manos: thank you so much for your support! Regarding the clubs that you hope remain in serie A, well: I hope they won’t ! My city’s team, Cagliari, plays in serie A, without Juventus, Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, etc., it will be easier to get to Champions League, so I hope the above mentioned teams, specially Juventus which I hate so much, are punished as they (the clubs, not the players) deserve.

    Jerema: in 1982 I was just 3-months-old, sleeping while the country celebrated! 😦

    Yes, you’re right: it was a pandemonium yesterday

  6. Mad Minerva says:

    It was crazy in New York City, which has a large Italian community. The town area known as “Little Italy” went wild!

  7. freethoughts says:

    Yes, Mad Minerva, I saw the images! 🙂

  8. 30striker9fan! says:

    Congrats ITALY! You ALL deserve it! Lippi, you must be sooo proud! Every man on the pitch was amazing. It all was definetly a team effort. Im sooo happy for you! Enjoy every minute and every praise!

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