Islamic fundamentalist Omar Bakri, who led extremist group in London and escaped after bombings in city, warns that Britain will turn into ‘Islamastan’: Flag of Islam to fly from Big Ben . I fear this is gonna happen very soon if Britain insists in its insane multicultural policy.

Ehud Olmert: We won’t free terrorists

And they’re ready for a state of their own? Poll: Majority of Palestinians back kidnappings, Qassam fire

Un sondaggio rivela che la maggioranza dei palestinesi è d’accordo con i rapimenti di cittadini israeliani e con il lancio dei missili Qassam. Questa è la gente a cui si vuole dare uno stato, nonostante lo stato palestinese esiste già e si chiama Giordania.

The Taliban Islamist regime in Somalia (linked to Al Qaeda) breaks up a wedding claiming it was ‘unislamic’. And terror-enabling front group CAIR openly supports them

Il regime terrorista talebano che ha preso il potere in Somalia (e legato ad Al Qaeda) ormai ha instaurato il terrore della sharia. Dopo gli attacchi contro chi guardava le partite del mondiale,ora attaccano persino chi si sposa, considerando il matrimonio come ‘anti-islamico’

Middle East Transparent: The Bride Price

There is resistance in North Korea. One Free Korea has more

Daniel Pipes: Il Vaticano affronta l’Islam

Gary Kasparov, Russian democrat: What’s Bad for Putin Is Best for Russians

Carlos Serpa Maceira: ¿Protege la Fiscalía los Derechos de los Ciudadanos en Cuba?

One more reason for which I dislike the Guardian

Shukran to our Egyptian friend Sandmonkey for supporting Italy! Here is a video of this victory

I admit I never liked Zidane since when he played in Juventus (a team I dislike so much). But yesterday’s reaction made me dislike him even more.  He claims he was insulted by Materazzi who, according to Zidane’s own claims, called him ‘terrorist’. First of all, if it’s true, Materazzi deserved a yellow card. But how can we believe Zidane without any proof? Even if Materazzi called him that way, how can we be sure that Zidan had not started everything by calling Materazzi, for example, ‘mafioso’? (which is a term very used against the Italians). We will never know who started all, but Zidane’s reaction is unjustified. And its allegations are dictated by his frustration for his team’s loss.  Then, I wonder WHERE WAS BLATTER at the time of awarding the Italians? Anyone noticed that Blatter was not there at that time? Yes, he was at the stadium, so this is one more reason to wonder why he did not want to award the Italians. But I don’t care, after all. The Cup is OURS and nobody is going to take it away!



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  1. Doin Phine says:

    I don’t know anything about soceer, but from the France – Brazil game I was so impressed with Zidane, but not anymore. Goading happens all the time, what a weak excuse he gives. A cheap shot seen by over a billion people. Congrats to Italy, even thought they got a gift to win the Italy-Australia game.

  2. Boy, the Italians looove their football heroes. The jets with the green, white, and red smoke are impressive. Congratulations, again!

    It must be difficult for Wahhabi and Taliban-type Muslims to watch World Cup soccer: they think sports stadiums are best used for mass public executions.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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