There’s been a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. So far, 147 dead.Sadly, the death toll is expected to rise

Attentato terroristico ad opera di un assassino islamico in India provoca più di 160 morti ( il numero purtroppo è destinato a salire)

The mainstream media is continuing to help the enemy by giving him voice to spread their pro-terror propaganda. The Washington Post again hosts an op-ed (?) from Hamas genocidal ‘PM’ (Hamas is also involved in the kidnapping of an israeli soldier and the brutal murder of another Israeli )

Israel: PA Claims of Hunger are a Lie .Contrary to Palestinian Authority claims, the IDF is allowing food and medicines into Gaza, food supplies are ample, and some crossings are open. IDF: “PA terrorism is the source of the problem.”

Human Rights (Except for Jews) .The UN Human Rights Council wars with democratic Israel yet againJews hold rally in New York demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Atlas Shrugs has more photos

In Australia: Islamic books banned for inciting terror

Buone nuove dall’Australia: Libri islamici proibiti per incitamento al terrorismo

Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali on BBC here

State Sharia in Somalia: Somalian band beaten for playing music

Il terrore della sharia di stato in Somalia: Gruppo musicale picchiato per aver suonato. La musica è proibita dall’Islam

SMCCDI: July 9th Uprising Cherished Amid Security Measures and Dispear


New York Post: Putin’s New Low

Transitional Democracies: Russia and the West Square Off

Humberto Fontova: The ACLU and Miami’s Book Ban

A positive development: Bush OKs Initiative to Support Cuban Opposition.Yet, next step should be the total abolition of the inhumane wet-foot/dry-foot policy toward the Cubans fleeing Castro’s Gulag.

After the tragic death of a Cuban refugee: Fair Treatment For Cuban Refugees And Their Families

French defender Gallas: “I want to beat up Materazzi“. Congratulations, France. You show us how you ‘accept’ a defeat in sport..More from this ‘civilized’ person: “Sometimes, when you are provoked, you would like to kill the person who insulted you”.

Zidane a hero? No, he is an idiot,a billionaire idiot. And so is Blatter and FIFA who awarded him with the Golden Ball even after attacking Materazzi. Sorry, as an Italian and as a honest person who doesn’t like to turn violent people into heroes, I consider Zidane as an idiot. Read my post at Publius Pundit

Zidane was well-known in Italy for his violence during the matches. Below is an archive photo showing him, when he played in Juventus, doing the same thing he did to Materazzi. And this is an “hero”? You be the judge.

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  1. Fascinating and revealing conclusion to the World Cup. The soccer field is no field of honor. Why am I not surprised?

  2. MaxArt says:

    Stefania, I’m surprised that you still haven’t posted this link:
    “Materazzi risks his life”

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