Nazi Islamic terror group Hizballah declares war on Israel by kidnapping 2 Israeli soldiers. Israel has justly decided to defend itself and has entered Lebanon to rescue the soldiers.

Il gruppo nazista terrorista degli Hezbollah ha nuovamente dichiarato guerra contro Israele, rapendo 2 soldati dell’esercito di difesa israeliano. Israele ovviamente ha deciso di difendersi, ed è entrata in Libano a salvare gli ostaggi.

Daniel Pipes: Trouble in Londonistan

Daniel Pipes: Problemi nel Londonistan

Fjordman: Beheading Nations


Dream of free Biafra revives in southeast Nigeria

Front Page Magazine: Why the Israelies were rooting hard for the Italians at the World Cup

Islamist websites: “Materazzi should be killed. He offended Islam”. Will we see cartoon jihad-style demonstrations?

Ora Materazzi rischia la vita .Alcuni siti arabi affermano che abbia detto “sporco mussulmano” a Zidane e lanciano la condanna a morte

A very good news (in my opinion): Zidane may lose best player award 

Come sono civili i francesi…: Gallas: “Vorrei picchiare Materazzi.” .Ma siamo sempre noi i fessi che ci scusiamo

Did you know that Napoleon had tried to conquer parts of Northern Italy and then stolen Leonardo’s La Gioconda? Well, an Italian right-wing satiric website has launched a petition to have the Gioconda back to Italy. Not joking. See here (Italian). The inspiration came from several Italian soccer fans who sang ‘France, Give us back the Gioconda!’.

Divertente iniziativa del Giulivo: Ridateci la Gioconda 

A news went totally unnoticed: Cuban dissident has been brutally assassinated 

Salvaje asesinato de opositor en Boyeros. Pulse aquì para leer la noticia

Cuban freedom fighters create (in Cuba) a Commission to Monitor the cases of apartheid against the Cuban people. As many know, the Cubans live as strangers in their own country. To the Castroite regime, tourists and sympathizers come before the ordinary Cubans. The latter cannot enter in the hotels, going at the beach, eating at restaurants if there are foreigners. (Spanish)

Creada Comisión Contra el Apartheid. Para leer la noticia, pulse aquì 

Sent to me by Carlos Serpa Maceira: Cuban Liberal Party denounces new repressive wave against its members. (Spanish)

Denuncia Partido Liberal de Cuba Escalada Represiva. Carlos Serpa Maceira: …”Ningún ‘Mercenario’ Muere por Algo que No Sea Dinero”… 

Jaime Leygonier: Repiten Inundaciones en La Habana ; Miedo a que Llueva . Enviado por el doctor Darsi Ferrer

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  1. Perhaps Israel will finally display the courage that so many countries lack. Now is the time.

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