Israel smashes Hezbollah strongholds

Israele colpisce le roccaforti Hezbollah in Libano

This time Israel has seriously decided to defend itself from the terrorists’ aggression: Patriot missile batteries stationed in Haifa

Questa volta Israele intende difendersi sul serio. Lo fa anche installando, per la prima volta dopo la guerra del golfo, batterie missilistiche nella città di Haifa, come difesa dagli attacchi missilistici dei nazisti.

Israel gives Syria ultimatum

The brilliant Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey  has written a must-read post on this situation: Surprised?

Pakistani woman stabbed to death by family for loving wrong man (read: for loving a man she had chosen, not the one imposed by her family). This happened in the U.K.

Una giovane pachistana residente in Inghilterra è stata uccisa a coltellate dalla famiglia perchè amava un uomo non scelto dalla famiglia. E’ l’ennesimo delitto “d’onore” commesso all’interno di comunità mussulmane in Europa.

Islamists praise Zidane for doing what the ‘muslim ummah’ does with the West. It’s noteworthy to remind that Materazzi has not said anything as ‘terrorist’ to Zidane. He said ‘go give her to your f**king sister’, after being derided by Zidane who had told: “Hey, if you want my shirt, I will give it to you at the end of the match!”.

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  1. Sandmonkey has many opinions, and voices a kind of secular Arab skepticism and wit, but is he really “brilliant”? Valuable, yes; brilliant, no. It generated some quality comments, though, that I think press SM to think harder. For example, #16 (Adam). This kind of exchange — which I’m finding more often now, during Israel’s “defensive counterattack” (my phrase), than before — is a clear benefit of having blogs covering events.

    As for Farhad Khadim’s take on ZZ, yeah FK tries to pin way too much meaning on that head-butt. FK is just aching, hurting, hoping, praying to see Dar al-Islam clash with Dar al-Harb. People should read through that link. The guy is a “true believer” as we say about adherents to fascist or communist movements.


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