Secondo notizie non confermate, i due soldati israeliani rapiti sarebbero all’ambasciata iraniana di Beirut

Hezbollah Rockets Kill 9 in Haifa

Missili Hezbollah uccidono 9 persone e ne feriscono altre ad Haifa


A Lebanese family in a bomb shelter in Israel: notice the painting!


The silent majority in Italy supports Israel. According to a poll from SkyTG24, an Italian satellite news channel, when asked if Israel is right in attacking vital targets in Lebanon, 78% say “Yes”. If this is true, it’s a good news, showing that there’s a silent majority who strongly disagrees with the current gov’t’s anti-Israel stance. On Monday July 17, a pro-Israel demonstration has been scheduled in front of the Jewish synagogue in Rome. It will be a candlelight vigil in support of Israel’s right to self-defense.

La maggioranza silenziosa in Italia non sta col governo, ma sta con Israele.  Secondo un sondaggio di Sky TG24, il 78% circa dice che Israele fa bene ad attaccare gli obbiettivi strategici dei nazisti in Libano. I Riformatori Liberali aderiscono alla fiaccolata pro Israele

Spanish moonbat PM Zapatero loses another good occasion to shut up 

Marco Taradash: Indecente la mediazione chiesta da Prodi all’Iran

More evidence that part of the New York Slimes Times stands with the enemy

I mass media spesso stanno con il nemico terrorista. Ne è l’ennesima prova il New York Times, i cui inviati in Iraq fotografano i terroristi al soldo di Al-Sadr mentre si preparano ad uccidere iracheni e soldati della coalizione. Peggio, nella descrizione della foto ci aggiungono parole che quasi sembrano eloggiare questi assassini

Zidane’s Madness. A funny parody: Zidane Benny Hill 

Shelyn Rojas, a Cuban independent journalist, responds to the claims of the author of the pro-Castroite book “Vamos a Cuba” (Let’s go to Cuba), which has opened a heated debate in Miami for its pro-communist propaganda. In the book of the American leftist author, is claimed that “Cuban children can eat, dress and live like the American children”. Rojas responds: “I live here in Cuba. I grew up here, I attended the [Castroite] schools and I can tell you: the only way the Cuban schoolchidren can dress is with the official communist uniform. The breakfast’s quality for them is very bad and many suffered from several diseases because of the bad quality of that food. The children are taught to hate the enemy, adore Fidel Castro, to hate religion, etc. I advise the author of the book to come to live in Cuba with her children, if she has any, send them to the local schools and live as we ordinary Cubans do, with a daily ration book, etc. We’ll see if she will think the same. That book would be good if only it was written with respect to [a free Cuba] ” . Read here, in Spanish

Continúan los Acosos y Hostigamientos de la Seguridad del Estado Contra Opositores y Disidentes

Denuncia el Partido Liberal de Cuba Escalada de Acoso Contra su Dirección Es Víctima de las Brigada de Respuesta Rápida Yasnaya Rafoso Arguiz. Clicar aquì 

Precaria la Situación de Camil Cairo Falcón Dentro de la Isla. Pulsar aquì

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