Stand With Israel marches in Milan and Rome

There have been 2 anti-Israel demonstrations in Rome and Milan. But there’ve also been two pro-Israel demos in the mentioned cities. Below are some photos.


“Syria and Iran plot, Israel and Lebanon suffer”

My friend Martino

“Israelis and Lebanese are not enemies. They have a common enemy: terrorism”

Friends of Israel Association

Against Terror, Stand with Israel

“Israel’s actions are self-defense”




“Against Terrorism, Stand With Israel”


3 Responses to Stand With Israel marches in Milan and Rome

  1. Lisistrata says:

    a Milano ieri c’ero anch’io.

  2. freethoughts says:

    Grande, Lisi.

    Vorrei esserci stata anch’io, ma comunque c’ero col cuore.

  3. Mjhay Ponce says:

    They like to kill you, terrorize you, and shoot you in the back. But when you point a gun at them, they say they are being abused. When we love someone who died, we don’t parade them in the streets and show the big hole and bloods on their body to the media, instead we hide their ruined bodies and show them in pictures as alive. They like to destroy and terrorize countries, and do barbaric acts to us (”beheading” anyone?). But these barbarians whine like pigs when you slap their wrists. Hello Muslim!

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