Anyone wondering why is Annan standing against Israel in its (Israel’s) war against the Hezbollah? Just click here, in case you’ve forgotten.

No surprise here: Nazareth residents blame Israel for rocket attack (rockets fired by Hezbollah, by the way)

Civili palestinesi uccisi da razzi Hezbollah a Nazareth e con chi se la prendono i palestinesi del luogo? Mica con i loro amici Hezbollah! No, sempre e solo con Israele!

Fjordman: In Praise of the First and Second Amendments

Deborah Fait: Israele vincera’

Marco Taradash: Le ragioni di Israele

My good friend Maxìmo Josè Garcìa of the Cuban Liberal Movement informed me that he was detained by the political police last July 15 until today. During these days he was under intense interrogation about his activities. He couldn’t eat nor drink decently. There He was threatened, for the second time in weeks, with being jailed or even murdered unless he renounces to his opposition activities. He told me, in the email he sent me today, that he has no intention of cave in to the communist oppressors and intends to go ahead even if this could lead to grave consequences.  He sent me a PDF document he wrote by pen. I  am unable to convert it into a URL link to post it here, so I need to send it to Cuban friends who can publish in their websites and then I’ll take the link from there. If you want to contact Maxìmo Josè Garcìa, send me an email and I’ll tell you how to do.

Below, Maxìmo in an archive photo, after suffering injures due to a fascistic aggression by the Castroite paramilitary mobs.

Maxìmo Josè Garcìas (Movimiento Liberal Cubano en Marianao) fue detenido por 5 dìas desde el 15 de Julio hasta la fecha de hoy. Allì fue amenazado con ir a la carcel y fue tambièn amenazado de muerte. Manana les voy a escribir màs sobre este suceso, incluyendo también la denuncia que me enviò y que quiere que sea publicada. Si quieren contactarlo, ustedes pueden enviarme una email.

Cuban Independent library delivers

Articulo enviado a mi correo por el periodista independiente Carlos Serpa Maceira: René Gómez Manzano: Un Cubano Comprometido con la Democracia y los Derechos Humanos

Message from Antunez from the Kilo 7 Prison in support of President Bush’s efforts for democracy in Cuba

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