Power Point slideshow of what a Kaytusha rocket does


House Backs Israel in Hezbollah Battle

Israeli journalists pull out of Internation Federation of Journalists

Zapatero’s Counsel of Defeat . Spain’s prime minister urges Israeli appeasement in the face or terror

Michael Rubin: Sending in the peacekeepers is a fool’s game

Sun: Rat tries to join our ship – EVIL preacher Omar Bakri is desperate to flee war-torn Lebanon

Insanity of the day: Pentagon OKs $6 bln in arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Jews Under Attack in Norway

Sotto attacco gli ebrei in Norvegia

5 members of the Algerian terror cell “Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat” arrested in Italy

Europe has no problem with hate-preaching Islamist websites. Rather, it is too busy censoring free-thinking articles by free-thinking European bloggers like Fjordman

One is brought to think that, after suffering its own 9/11, India would get tougher on radical Islam. The opposite is true. India is going after blogs critical of radical Islam. Sad, but true

E’ normale che un paese colpito da attentati sanguinosi come l’India sia più severa con i gruppi islamisti. Ma il governo indiano invece ha deciso di censurare i blog critici dell’islam

Here we go again: Mosque of Paris sues weekly over prophet cartoons

Ci risiamo. Moschea parigina fa causa ad un settimanale francese che ha pubblicato le vignette danesi su maometto

‘Wonders’ of Sharia: Somali Islamic Crackdown: 60 Arrested for Watching Movies

Il terrore della sharia di stato in Somalia: 60 persone arrestate perchè stavano guardando un film

One of the 20th century’s most brutal men in the world has passed away. It’s one of the members of the brutal Khmer Rouge

3 Responses to

  1. Strong news roundup (summary). The power point show says it all.

  2. DADvocate says:

    Excellent news roundup. The goals of Hezbullah, Hamas, etc. are clearly genocidal. It’s amazing to me that any decent person can support them.

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