Palestinian terrorists  prepare to target U.S.This also explain why Israel has to finish the job: Al-Sadr: Israel will fall like Twin Towers

Ancora un’altro motivo per il quale Israele deve combattere fino alla vittoria. Al Sadr: Israele cadrà come le torri gemelle

British MP George Galloway stands with the enemy and want Jews extermined. He has openly praised Hezbollah Nazi terror gang during an anti-Israel (and anti-semitic) rally in London.

The enemy within (the Unholy Alliance) . If you have enough stomach to bear it, look at these photos taken at the above-metioned anti-semitic and terror supporting rally in London. That is the result of communists+islamists. Similar rallies took place in Chicago , Los Angeles and Sidney.

However, to counter all this madness pro-Israel rallies took place and will take place as well ! See here

Weekly Standard: The Sodano Code – The Vatican’s stale policy on the Middle East

Pope Benedict XVI’s moral equivalency. Please, notice where AFP puts the quotes and where it doesn’t.

A proposito di utili tonti..

Mullah Zapatero. Hat tip: Cuba Democracìa y Vida

Buenos Aires Amaneció Empapelada con Afiches Contra Castro y Chávez . “Fuera dictadores Chávez y Castro de la Argentina. Con los que tenemos nos alcanza” . “Libertad a los presos políticos cubanos”.

Argentinean media have given a lot of publicity to the exchange between Castro and Cuban-American reporter Juan Manuel Cao. Castro went ballistic when Cao asked him why he was keeping Dr. Hilda Molina from traveling to Argentina to see her relatives. Simply asked why he doesn’t let Molina travel to Argentina with her sick mother, he shouted at the journalist: “Who pays you to ask these questions? You’re a mercenary paid by the U.S. Why don’t you ask Bush to hand over Posada Carriles. You came to organize an attack on me?”. Watch the video here


Huber Matos, ex comandante de la revolución cubana, víctima de los tormentos castristas cuenta cómo opera el régimen

Maltratos en el Hospital Psiquiátrico de la Habana (Mazorra)

Yesterday, 20th of July, about 300 paramilitaries of the State Security, the political police and the so-called ‘brigades of rapid response’ sieged 7 houses belonging to Cuban freedom fighters of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option, and their families in the province of Matanzas, Cuba. The siege lasted 8 hours since the early hours of the morning. During the siege, the freedom fighters were forced to stay closed in their houses because of the presence of the mob outside. Despite the terror created by the mob, dozens of neighbors expressed anti-castroite comments and were even able to visit the dissidents and express their solidarity. Read the story in Spanish here 

Sitian viviendas de opositores matanceros “decenas de personas nos visitaron, empleando diversos pretextos, y nos brindaron información y solidaridad hasta que fue levantado el sitio”, concluyó Pérez Morell.

Archive photo of a meeting of the Movement

Registro corporal a anciana de 78 años

My Cubanita friend Almaly (Alma Gonzales) has sent me some photos of the interview to Willy Chirino broadcast on a Miami TV channel. Willy is a Cuban-born salsa singer living in Miami since 1962, when he fled Cuba along with thousands of children during the Kennedy-backed Peter Pan Operation. Chirino sings for freedom in his homeland,but his songs speak also about love and life. Despite official censorship on his music in Cuba, it’s a matter of fact that a high percentage of Cubans inside the island listen to his music by buying his albums in the black market. His songs inspirated tens of Cuban refugees as well as his countrymen around the world. It’s now hard to find a Cuban in Cuba who doesn’t know him. Above all, it’s easy to find Cubans in Cuba who love him and his music. He’s the musical idol of the Cuban people.

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