For Hezbollah, survival may mean victory .That is why Israel has to finish the job. That means, it has to destroy Hezbollah.

I advise you not to care about the latest U.N. attack on Israel. Rather, I advise you to get ready to print an article you won’t read again. Human Rights Watch condemns Hezbollah’s rockets firing into Israel, considering those attacks as war crimes. I kid you not. Read here

You won’t believe what you’re about to read. A judge in Bologna, Lavina Gobbi, rejected a request for the imprisonment of 18 Islamic terror suspects because, as written in the judicial sentence, “acts against soldiers involved in armed conflicted are excluded from the definition of terrorism.” This was a clear reference to the forces of the International Coalition fighting terrorism in Afghanistan as mandated by the UN. According to the judge, even “Islamic martyrdom” is legitimate” . That is to say: come to Italy, Islamic terrorists. Recruit as much as you want, turn Italy into your headquarters and don’t worry, because you will be immune from prosecution. Disgusting.

Consiglio di non prestare attenzione all’ennesima accusa rivolta dall’Onu ad Israele. Consiglio invece di leggere e stampare questo articolo di Human Rights Watch, nel quale si considera giustamente il lancio di missili hezbollah contro città israeliane mirati esclusivamente a colpire civili innocenti, come crimini di guerra. Stampatevelo perchè è difficile che HRW emetta nuovamente simili comunicati in futuro

From a Lebanese blog: Hezbollahs Filthy Methods

Jamil from Beirut: israel, save us from the fanatics

Netanyahu Responds to Britain for Criticizing Israel. Netanyahu on the Opinion Journal: No Cease-Fire

Olmert to French foreign minister: A million Israelis are living in bomb shelters

BBC Admits Many Lebanese Casualties are Terrorists

La BBC riconosce che molte delle vittime libanesi dell’attuale conflitto sono terroristi, non civili

Thousands turn out in London to show support to Israel. Pictures here

Terroristi islamici, ammazzate pure. La magistratura italiana sta con voi. Sentenza aberrante e disgustante: Martirio islamico non è terrorismo .Mi dispiace, ma la magistratura italiana puzza di merda. E’ collusa col terrorismo ed un giorno dovrà pagare caro, purtroppo sulla pelle dei cittadini italiani.Ecco l’editoriale di Magdi Allam sul forum del Corriere della Sera.

Good news: White House moves to confirm Bolton to UN post

Sta emergendo la verità che conferma che la sinistra ha vinto grazie ai brogli. Leggi l’articolo, tratto da Lisistrata

Benvenuti in Italia, spot dell’Unione

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  1. shabbang says:

    It’s a fact that in Europe there is no defintion for “terrorism”. And there are laws saying that you can’t be punished for a thing that is not defined. There is no good reason to blame a judge for the laws that do not exist. You can’t expect a judge to punish against the law. Blame the governments that are supposed to pass laws.

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  3. Fereydoun says:

    doroud Stefania jan

    Sepas az Mehre Bikaranetan

    Shad Bashid

  4. freethoughts says:

    Doroud Fereydoun jan!

    Sepasgozaram 😉

    Azadi Baraye Iran!

  5. Fereydoun says:

    Its my new weblog(Rahe Ferdows):

    Excuseme for my delay in Pride-message for Italian soccers. Its a great glory.
    I hope complete destroy of hezbollah (Hezb of terror)

  6. deepdiver says:

    Hi Stefania,

    i tried to translate the Magdi allam article but unfortunately it was a bit too “legal” and I didn’t want to mess up on the legal terminology – anyway, I’m sure that Allam will soon write something excellent which can be translated without too many worries!

    Here is a letter from an israeli, perhaps your readers would be interested in it.

    I think that you are doing an excellent job in covering the current conflict – Well done!


  7. freethoughts says:

    Fereydoun jan,

    We hope that Hizballah will be destroyed.


    don’t worry.

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