Excellent news: IDF kills Hezbullah’s Maroun al-Ras regional commander

Belle notizie arrivano dal Libano, dove Israele ha ucciso un comandante regionale degli Hezbollah

Israel diplomats warned over Hizbollah ‘sleepers’

Nasrallah’s banks bombed .Well done, IDF!

Le forze di difesa israeliane hanno bombardato le banche degli Hezbollah, dove sono depositati tutti i conti dei nazisti

Ehud Olmert: Israel Also Has Humanitarian Problems

Il premier israeliano Ehud Olmert ricorda a Condoleeza Rice che anche Israele ha bisogno di aiuti umanitari

Diplomatic row deepens between Israel and Spain

Hizballah’s Nazi youth

Australia stands with Israel: Howard says Israel must defend its right to exist

Majority of Canadians supports Israel

La maggioranza dei canadesi sta con Israele

No more doubt on whose side the leftists stand on. Portraits of the Hitlers (Ahmadinejad and Khomeini) in Toronto and Buenos Aires!

Pontificating Against Israel .Why isn’t the Vatican allowing self-defense against terrorism?

A bit of sanity from the UN Human Rights Chief, even though we won’t hear this kind of sanity again: U.N. exec blames Hezbollah for deaths

The Islamic Republic of Iran supports and funds terror and Hizballah. But the majority of the Iranian population – who is anti-regime – wants to have nothing to do with all this. “We’re up to our ears in our own problems, so we don’t care about this stuff,” said Nina Kamarzarian, 21. “My government, they want to conceal their own problems,” she said. “All the time, they say, `Lebanon, Palestine, Arabs.’ They want to conceal the fact that the majority of the people are dissatisfied.” “Honestly, my concern is that if I walk hand in hand with a girl, I will be harassed and stopped by 20 police.”


Sharia’s war against beauty: Miss Indonesia under fire over ‘insulting’ swimsuit parade

La sharia odia le donne e la loro bellezza. Miss Indonesia rischia di essere condannata per aver indossato un bikini durante una sfilata

Cuban regime feeling heat from Czechs .The Czechs are stepping up their efforts to aid the Cuban dissident movement, triggering an angry response from Havana. They are planning two 30-foot radio antennas looming behind their embassy in the lush Rock Creek Park neighborhood (Washington) that will be used primarily to communicate with Cuba’s dissident movements.

Black Cuban freedom fighter and independent journalist Oscar Sanchez Madan, member of the Amaya family-founded Independent Movement for an Alternative Option, has been urged to go to the police unit of his town next week, to be interrogated about his noble activities. The political police threatened to arrest him unless he obeys to the police’s orders consisting in abandoning his opposition to the regime. He openly expressed to the police that he has no intention to obey those orders : “Next week, when I’ll go to the police unit, my opposition to the regime will remain the same as now”. “If they want to arrest me, let them do it even immediately. What a more honorable place for every freedom-loving human being but a prision in a totalitarian and militaristic regime lik the Castro-communist one” Listen this from his own voice here

Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option tells, from Matanzas, that it’s great that the U.S. gov’t plans to send financial help to the resistance movements in Cuba. He says he hopes more countries join this initiative and that all the opposition movements inside Cuba should welcome this unconditional aid. Listen to him here

The Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy celebrates its XV Anniversary

International SOS from the Cuban Human Rights Foundation

Lester González Pentón, Prisionero de Conciencia de la Causa de los 75: “Estoy Dispuesto a Morir Antes de Claudicar o Traicionar”

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  1. Indonesia – big Asiatic Islamic threat.

    E fare attenzione: now it’s lesbians for Hezbollah – “Lesbollah“! (

  2. Heh. About 10 years ago, I knew a member of “Queers for Palestine.” She was, well, queer.

    Stefania, you were a candidate in a recent election? I’m so happy for you. You see, 15 years ago I was a Marxist-Leninist and an elected member of the central committe of a socialist party in the USA(!). I know the Left very well.


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