Israel Air Force (IAF) attacked main Hizbullah HQ .Go Zahal (Israel) !

Israele colpisce il principale quartier generale degli Hezbollah nel sud del Libano. Ben fatto!

Israel’s U.N. Ambassador: Annan UN comment shocking

Kofi Annan Could Have Ordered Peacekeepers to Leave . And he hasn’t. Guess why..

Kofi Annan ora accusa Israele (come sempre) di aver voluto colpire la postazione Onu in Libano in modo deliberato. Cosa falsa, ancor di più se si tiene conto che secondo una notizia , Annan avrebbe detto agli osservatori Onu di rimanere nel luogo dove poi sono stati uccisi, che sarebbero stati fatti evacuare in tempo. Evacuazione che Annan si è rifiutato di ordinare. Il tutto, perchè altrimenti non sarebbe successo l’incidente e non avrebbe potuto dare addosso ad Israele

Hizbullah starts shooting in mosque .Where’s the international outrage? Where is the Arab street?

Claudia Rosett: Who’s Dissin’ Whom

Many still wonder what has the U.N. done in Lebanon all these years. Below is an answer that tells it all:

Messages of solidarity to Israel from Lebanese, Iranians,etc..: Beirut Rose from Beirut: Invade Lebanon NOW and take on the Hezbollah fighters face to face. Be brave, be an Israeli. Bahman from Los Angeles: God bless Israel and her people, and the forces of IDF who are also fighting for the security every Civilized Nation on earth. Cedar Lebanon from Beirut: GOD BLESS ISRAEL ,,,YOU WILL WIN THIS WAR FOR SURE !!! Basheer from Iran: I and millions of Iranians, supporting ISRAEL with all my heart! DESTROY Hezbollah, the very same thugs oppressing Iran. Lebanese from Beirut: You have a juste cause to fight for. And god is always with the right side.That’s why no doubt you will win this war. Hat Tip: YNet News

Ali Al Ahmed, Saudi Liberal and Reformist: U.S. ‘ALLIES’ BACK TERROR

Wiesenthal Centre to Zapatero:Donning the “Hamas Scarf” and Obstructing the Blockage of Hezbollah TV in Spain Encourage Terrorism

Openly anti-semitic and terror supporting rally in Montreal,Canada.

If true, this legitimizes even more Israel’s war on Hezbollah in Lebanon: Nasrallah: I Told Lebanese Political Leaders We Would Abduct Israeli Soldiers

Cowardly Blending

Il mio articolo su RagionPolitica: I crimini del regime comunista di Fidel

Cuba is a big prison. That’s why everyone wants to flee. 4 more Cuban athlets defected during this week’s Pan-American games. They’re 3 handball players, among which one female and a baseball player.Read the news, Spanish only, here

Inician campaña de apoyo a la resistencia cívica en Cuba

José Antonio Fornaris, Cuba-Verdad: 26 bombas

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