Report: Nasrallah is in Damascus

Secondo indiscrezioni, il terrorista nazi-islamico Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah si troverebbe a Damasco, Siria

Al-Qaida calls for holy war against Israel . As you know, this has nothing to do with Israel’s actions in Lebanon “All the world is a battlefield open in front of us,” . We hope those who withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan are aware of this statement, instead of believing that by withdrawing from there, they’ll be safe at home.

Israeli Defense Minister: No More Hizbullah Flags in Southern Lebanon

Send your Hug to the IDF soldiers by clicking here and filling in the form

Haifa, City of Peace .Hezbollah aims to destroy this model of Arab-Israeli coexistence

Lebanese Blame Hezbollah.Why native Arabs believe in Israel’s right to defend itself…and want the terrorists out

Come in Francia ed Olanda, anche in Italia il multiculturalismo mette in pericolo la sicurezza delle città italiane. Padova, scontri tra immigrati

Islamic Cleric Sought to Kill 1000 Australians

Un imam in Australia voleva far uccidere 1000 australiani

Un pò di risata

Stakes high in the Congo’s landmark elections, the first democratic election in 45 years

Humberto Fontova: U.S. Reporter Attacked by Castro Goons in Argentina

Atletas cubanos se liberan de las cadenas de Fidel Castro: Atletas cubanos desertan en plenos Juegos Panamericanos

Cuban Neurosurgeon has been trying for more than 12 years to leave Cuba

Guardia costera cubana deja a la deriva a balseros en alta mar

Public health precarious en eastern town of Cuba

Liannis Meriño Aguilera: No siempre es 26

Exitosa acogida de la innovadora guía turística y solidaria de Cuba

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  1. keith collins says:

    i know how to end all the fighting in the arab countries send all their wives and woman and kids out of the country and let them freak out with each other . then they shot themselve for being gay

    or move all the civil people out and let the wicked ones stay and do like the romans leave no one alive , dare them to fight with long knives and swords and you just shot them in the head, dirty harry style

    or there is the last way marry all the woman up with their friends the israels man you cant kill family

    one more have all the arab kids kidnaps tp israel tp raise and have them shoot their own people , have a arab army fight the terrorist for israel these arent have bad scenarios ,

    with the kids out of arab land they have to use the grandma.s and wives as terrorist and that leave the wick terror man holding his
    wang and no honey to kiss he soon kills himself after having sex with his sheep .

    i should get a prize for all this bran storming answers

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