Hizbollah fires new long-range rocket into Israel

Devastation in Beirut? This map shows this claim is false

No surprise here: Hezbollah leader said to be hiding in Iranian Embassy

The U.N. wants Israel to finance Palestinian terrorists . And Hizballah attacked a UN observers post twice this week, wounding one of the observers, who was rushed into an Israeli hospital, where his life was saved. But Mr. Annan said anything about that. Below is the photo.

Gli Hezbollah hanno sparato ad una pattuglia di osservatori Onu due volte durante questa settimana, ferendone uno. Il ferito è stato prontamente soccorso dagli israeliani, i quali gli hanno salvato la vita. Ma Kofi Annan ovviamente non ha detto tutto ciò. Ecco la foto del soccorso all’osservatore dell’Onu.

Western taxpayers unawarely finance Hamas: In’l aid goes to pay Hamas salaries

I soldi che l’Occidente invia ai palestinesi vanno nelle tasche già piene dei dirigenti di Hamas, invece che in quelle dei palestinesi comuni. Soldi che in parte vengono prelevati dalle tasse di noi contribuenti

Fjordman: Farewell to the United Nations?

Front Page Magazine: The EU’s Cartoonish Rage against the Jews

Now you can get rich online.. Yes, you read well

Mother of dissident dies without seeing his son free. Mother of Cuban political prisoner Rafael Ibarra Roque passed away

New dengue fever wave strikes Havana

Enviado por Carlos Serpa Maceira: Se Encuentra Ingresado el Disidente Cubano Gustavo Arcos

Grupo disidente crea ‘Comisión contra el apartheid’ en Cuba

My good friend Máximo José García González  was briefly detained and then threatened with “being prosecuted for being a counter-revolutionary” (that is, for being a human rights activist). Read the spanish-only news here

Amenazan a Opositor Liberal .Para leer la noticia, pulsar aquí

Last year, Maximo’s father died in a hospital of Marianao, Cuba, because of the doctors’ negligence. His father was a World War II veteran and always opposed communism since the very beginning of Castro’s takeover in 1959. Read here (Spanish only)

Rinde Movimiento Liberal Cubano Homenaje a Opositor Muerto

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  1. Stefania, beautiful photos. You keep “Cuba libre” alive.
    Thanks to you, I may finally decide to properly learn Spanish.
    The shootings in Seattle are so disturbing – I’m going to be up late.

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