Got another big fish in South Lebanon: Israel Air Force kills one Hezbollah leader

La forza aerea israeliana ha eliminato uno dei leader dei nazisti Hezbollah

Israel does the right thing and says no to UN’s demand of ‘cease-fire’ (read: suicide of a nation and capitulation)

Israele rifiuta l’invito dell’Onu al cessate il fuoco, che equivarrebbe alla resa al terrorismo ed al suicido di una nazione dinanzi a chi la vuole distruggere. Prima si eliminano tutti i terroristi (compresi hamas, jihad islamica e Fatah), poi si può parlare di cessate il fuoco.

Appeasing Italian FM D’Alema:Engage terrorist regimes of Syria and Iran. That is, those regimes who helped Hezbollah wage war on Israel. I hope this minority gov’t will last as less as possible. It knows nothing about how the world works

Islamists shoot at Seattle Jewish Federation. One of the victim was a pregnant woman.Violent hate crime is an attack on all of us

Terror supporters in Rome

Those well-known democracies of China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, etc., give democracy lessons to the United States

Vigilia Realizada por el Ejecutivo Del Cad-2506 y el Movimiento al Rescate de la Libertad y la Democracia en La Habana

Continúan Injustas Encarcelaciones Contra Disidentes Opositores

Continúa Ola de Terror .Victima fue Camilo Cairo Falcón, delegado del municipio Boyeros del Partido Pro-Derechos Humanos Afiliado a la Fundación “Andrei Sakharov “

3 Responses to

  1. “Cease fire” without the unconditional banishment of Hezbollah from Lebanon is “hudna.”

  2. no2liberals says:

    I can hardly wait for the BIG FISH, Nasrallah, to get his ticket punched, for an all expenses paid trip to Hell.
    So China is on the UN Human rights commission now? Who are they to preach to anyone about housing for the poor.,,31200-china_p10436,00.html

    And of course, no one in China has ever spoken of wanting democratic reform.

  3. freethoughts says:

    Well-said Jeremiah.

    That BIG FISH can be caught or killed if Israel goes ahead, John.

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