We don’t know yet how many civilians really dead in Qana. It’s a sad news and surely Israel will investigate the incident. However, a fact that’s being widely ignored (as it was to be expected) is that the Hizballah used civilians as human shields to cause innocent victims in order for the world to blame Israel and say that, not to cause civilian deaths, it’s better Israel surrenders and lets the terrorists continue to attack Israeli cities without responding.

Non sappiamo ancora quanti siano realmente i civili morti a Qana. Si tratta di un triste incidente di percorso che Israele, come nazione democratica e civile, ovviamente investigherà. Comunque, una cosa che viene ignorata da più parti è il fatto che gli Hezbollah – nel tipico metodo del terrorismo islamico – hanno usato i civili come scudi umani, con lo scopo di aumentare il numero di vittime per poi far sì che il mondo si scagli contro Israele, dicendo anche che, per evitare vittime civili, è meglio che Israele alzi bandiera bianca e si faccia massacrare dai missili arabi e islamici senza potersi difendere.

There are photos it’s unlikely you’ll see anywhere in the mainstream media. These photos show Hizballah operating in residential areas, among the civilians.

Quelle che vedrete ora sono foto che non vedrete mai nella stampa di tutti i giorni o nei telegiornali. Mostrano gli Hezbollah che operano in mezzo alla popolazione civile. Ecco le foto

IDF May Not Have Caused Kana Deaths

Got another one: Israeli forces kill Islamic Jihad leader

The Guardian openly sides with Hizballah and one of their columnists appallingly admits it.

Il Guardian ormai scrive apertamente a favore degli Hezbollah, se mai ci fosse qualche dubbio riguardo il loro sostegno per questo gruppo nazista. Lo fa con un’editoriale dal titolo: “Solo gli Hezbollah sono capaci di sconfiggere l’invasione israeliana”.

Terror supporters in Birmingham, England, carrying portraits of Nasrallah, Khomeini, Khameneri, etc. Those female protestors wearing mini-skirts should remember that their idols would be more than willing to stone them to death if they walked like that in, for example, Iran.

Syrian Downing of Israeli drone Raises Specter of Syrian Scuds

Seattle suspect allegedly ambushed girl

Mother axes daughter to death in Jordan “honour” killing

Anti semitism on the rise in Venezuela

Campaign Launched for Support to the Civic Resistance in Cuba

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  1. Mjhay Ponce says:

    They like to kill you, terrorize you, and shoot you in the back. But when you point a gun at them, they say they are being abused. When we love someone who died, we don’t parade them in the streets and show the big hole and bloods on their body to the media, instead we hide their ruined bodies and show them in pictures as alive. They like to destroy and terrorize countries, and do barbaric acts to us (“beheading” anyone?). But these barbarians whine like pigs when you slap their wrists. Hello Muslim!

  2. freethoughts says:

    Mjhay, good comment. I hope you’ll visit this blog often!

  3. Mjhay Ponce says:

    Killed by barbarians:

    And the barbarians whined like pigs when we slap their wrists:

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