Hezbollywood? Evidence mounts that Qana collapse and deaths were staged

The majority of the Lebanese are sick of Syrian and Hizballah occupation of their country. That’s why they blame Hizballah for the incident in Qana. But you’ll only read the ‘opinions’ of those who support terror, because this is what the media want you to read.

Un’altro sito libanese dà la colpa agli Hezbollah per le morti a Qana e dice, come dovrebbero dire i mass media se non fossero filo-hezbollah, che gli Hezbollah si nascondono dietro ai civili per poter provocare la reazione israeliana.

Dennis Prager: “World Opinion” is Worthless

Da Libero: I bimbi israeliani ammazzati nel silenzio dei pacifisti

Stupid statement of the day, from Vichy France: “Iran plays stabilising role in Middle East”

First comments from freedom fighters in Cuba. From Santa Clara, Luis Ramón Hernández, Democratic Action, is pessimistic and says there’ll be a new repressive wave because the regime wants to keep itself in power with any mean. From Ciego de Ávila, blind dissident Juan Carlos González Leyva of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights says that if Castro decided, for the first time in 47 years of absolute power, to transfer power, this is because this time he’s seriously ill. Leyva wonders what will happen in the next few months. From Havana, Martha Beatriz Roque says she believes Castro is seriously ill and he’ll not recover to re-seize the power

Statement by the Committee to Help the Opposition (CAD-2506) from Havana, Cuba

Comunicado del Ejecutivo del CAD – 2506 en La Habana

Statement of the exiled Cuban Nationalist Democratic Party (Spanish)

Nota De Prensa Del Partido Nacionalista Democratico Cubano

En estas horas decisivas para la Historia de Cuba hacemos un LLAMAMIENTO A LA NACION ARGENTINA, A SUS REPRESENTANTES Y A LAS ORGANIZACIONES DE LA SOCIEDAD CIVIL para que respalden el reclamo de Libertad del pueblo cubano. Para leer pulsar aquì

Desde Cuba: Padre denuncia indiferencia médica

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  1. Fereydoun says:

    doroud Stefania jan
    Akbar Mohamadi is dead. batebi and others is under excruciate of Islamic rejim. please sign these petitions:

    Free Ahmad batebi

    Save Malak Ghorbany from Death by Stoning

    Save Ashraf Kalhori from death by stoning

  2. freethoughts says:

    doroud Fereydoun jan!

    Yes, I know. I will write this today in my post.

    I’m finishing writing my post and then I publish it.

    Sepasgozaram! Zende bad Akbar! May he rest in peace !

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