Castro’s Death Watch

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Note: my next post will be about all the other issues of the world, but will keep you updated anyway

Statement by Miscelaneas de Cuba here (Spanish)

Comunicado de Asociación Misceláneas de Cuba.

Statement by the Cuban-American National Foundation

Comunicado de la Fundación Nacional Cubano Americana

Cubans in the island are waiting to know more. While it’s true many lost the fear to speak out, others are still afraid. Above all, now they fear another brutal wave of repression. In the hearts of many Cubans in Cuba, there’s strong hope for the death of their oppressor. Visit Babalù Blog to know more.

I’ve just talked to some Cuban friends inside Cuba. They’re telling me they’re very happy, but they’re cautious as well. Many people are afraid of reprisals. Furthermore, they are telling that it’s time for the exile to start act in a concrete way, instead of issuing statements “well knowing that, from where they are, that will lead to no consequences for, while we are facing the repression on a daily basis, because we’re putting our lives at risk ” . What they mean, is that for too long the exile has kept quiet over the continuous repression of those in Cuba and now they come out with statements inviting the people to take to the streets, etc. Well, it’s time for the exile to lend a REAL hand of help, not only by nice words.

My message to the Cuban friends, both in Cuba and outside: keep the calm, don’t let emotions commit errors. The regime is very nervous and it might – and almost surely it’ll – wage a new, more brutal wave of repression in the island. The opposition in Cuba (more than 300 among political parties, movements, independent libraries, etc.) is going to face growing repression as well as the people of Cuba in general.Keep the champagne bottle in your refrigerator. Celebrate (and I’ll as well), but then be realist and work in a responsible and careful way to help your countrymen regain sovereignty and freedom.

Al pueblo de Cuba cansado de dictadura y a los hermanos que dentro de la isla luchan constantemente y pacificamente: no dejar que las emociones los hagan cometir errores. Estén listos para enfrentar al régimen porqué en estos momentos la cupula corrupta del gobierno es muy nerviosa. Pero, es la hora de comenzar a romper las cadenas. Es la hora de rescatar a la patria y a devolver la democracia. Demandamos que el mundo despierte y que acabe de hablar y tome accion para ayudar (materialmente, no solo con palabras) a los que en Cuba ahora van a ser aun màs reprimidos

One Response to Castro’s Death Watch

  1. no2liberals says:

    While it is against my Christian upbringing to celebrate the death, or near death, of another human being, it doesn’t stop me from the celebrating the possibility that the Cuban people might be one step closer to living in a free society. As with Zarqawi, I will dance in the streets for the fall of evil, and the rise of goodness, that beats in the hearts of all Cubans.

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