Hizbollah hits Israel with 182 rockets intended to kill as many civilians as possible

I nazisti assassini Hezbollah oggi hanno lanciato ben 182 missili su Israele. Missili che sono caduti su Israele per tanti anni, nonostante Israele non abbia mai mosso guerra a nessuno dei suoi vicini. E questi missili, ovviamente, vengono lanciati con lo scopo di uccidere quanti più civili possibile. Perchè, ricordiamolo, per gli assassini islamici gli ebrei sono tutti obbiettivo militare, che siano donne incinta o bambini piccoli.

Israel targets Hezbollah bastion. 5 Hezbollah mass murderers captured

More MSM Propaganda Exposed

From a Lebanese blog: Hezbollah has been firing rockets from the village since Day 1 hiding behind innocent people’s places and even CHURCHES. No one is allowed to argue with the Hezbollah gunmen who wont hesitate to shoot you. Free Ain Ebel from the terrorists !

Robert Spencer: Stage-Managed Massacre. The Qana “atrocity,” produced and directed by Hezbollah

Qana Massacre

Magdi Allam: Lasciare che Gerusalemme disarmi l’Hezbollah

Jewish shops in Rome vandalized, defaced with swastikas. I believe this must be in part blamed on the mainstream media and the current leftist government, who fuel the anti-semitic feelings by attacking Israel and spreading Hizballah propaganda against the Jewish state

The U.N.’s Complicity in Hezbollah Kidnappings

Goos friend Sam of Rantings of a Sandmonkey asks the right questions: Some slightly uncomfortable questions

The Islamic Republic of Iran has its hands full of the blood of thousands of innocent Iranians. Shame on those who want to appease it ! Free Iran Now! Democratic Regime Change Now! Long Live Iran, Down with the Nazi Islamic Republic!! To my friends in Iran: you can be sure that I’ll never stop supporting your just cause!  SMCCDI: Killed Iranian Dissident Buried Despite Family Protest

SMCCDI: Dissidente iraniano ucciso seppellito nonostante le proteste della famiglia

May he rest in peace!

American Spectator: Catch-22 Dictatorships

Sources who asked not to be named claim that the communist military dictatorship plans to murder the political prisoners, the freedom fighters and their families. WHERE IS THE WORLD??!! Please, contact the human rights groups and good-will institutions and ask them to intervene! Click here, news in Spanish. Despite this situation, the freedom fighters vow to fight until victory even if it leads to their death in the hands of the communist serial killers.

Una fuente cuya identidad se protege por razones obvias reportó la activación del plan concebido por la Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia cubana (DNI) para asesinar a todos los prisioneros políticos, opositores, disidentes y a sus familiares. Que sea bien claro: los luchadores martianos dentro de Cuba resistirán aunque si les coste la vida. Y al final ellos y el pueblo oprimido de Cuba serán victorioso. Adelante, hermanos!

Dictator Fidel Castro had been operated in CIMEQ Hospital .One of the few luxuriosy hospitals where no ordinary Cuban is allowed

Enviado a mi correo por mi amigo Máximo José García y transcripto por Misceláneas de Cuba: Informe de la Comisión de Atención a Presos Políticos y Familiares

Cuban military terrorizes the population . The president of the Cuban Liberal Party said her house is under constant monitoring from the Military Committee and she can’t go out. One of the military chiefs said that the “counter-revolutionaries will have their head cut”. Read here, in Spanish. Where’s the world? Why are the Cuban democrats widely ignored?

Declaración conjunta del Movimiento Cubano Unidad Democrática, SOS Justicia, World Health Care International, Comité Cubano Pro Derechos Humanos de Cuba (en el exterior), Asociación Cubanos por la Libertad y Cubanos en México: Sin unidad y sin método de lucha nunca obtendremos libertades plenas

Statement from the Democratic Solidarity Party in Cuba

Declaracion del Partido Solidaridad Democratica

Statement from Huber Matos (Spanish). Matos was one of those who participated in the Cuban revolution, but was jailed by Castro when he (Matos) realized Castro’s intentions to turn the island into a communist system.Matos was one of those democrats who fought against Batista but with the ultimate goal to establish a democratic system through free elections. Now he lives in the exile.

Declaracion de Huber Matos

Teme por su Vida Opositora Liberal Cubana . Los esbirros del régimen están aterrorizando a todo un pueblo, pero un dìa se hará justicia.

Free Cuba Foundation: The End of Fidel Castro is not as Important as the End of the System He Helped to Create

Comunicado de Coalición Juvenil Martiana al Pueblo Cubano y a la Comunidad Internacional

My good friend Carlos Serpa Maceira (the first from left in the first photo below ) tells about the increase in repression against the people of Cuba and the dissidents. “No tyrant is able to face a people who resists and fights”

Carlos Serpa Maceira: No hay tirano que afronte a un pueblo en pie

Comunicado #3 del Movimiento Liberal Cubano

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