My article at Tech Central Station: Spy vs. Shy

Mainstream media continues fooling us all. A man acting as ‘victim of an Israeli airstrike’ and then as ‘rescue worker’. From Gateway Pundit : Dead Man Walking and Michelle Malkin: Fauxtography” alert: NYTimes and USNews; plus Time and Reuters’ Issam Kobeisi

La stampa internazionale presente in Libano continua a prenderci in giro ed a mostrare foto manipolate ad arte. Ecco alcune foto che mostrano un Hezbollah vestito da civile posare come morto tra le macerie e poi , in seguito, facendo il socorritore. Insomma, recitando ad arte. Gateway Pundit e Michelle Malkin hanno foto e descrizioni

Reuters seems to be taking us for a ride. Is Issam Kubeisy the same person as Adnan Hajj? The Jawa Report wonders here

Issam Kubeisi, fotoreporter arabo della Reuters. Guarda caso scatta le stesse foto scattate da Adnan Hajj, il fotoreporter licenziato per aver manipolato le foto dal Libano usando Photoshop. Non è che Kubeisi sia Adnan Hajj, che ha cambiato nome per non far vedere che continua a lavorare?

Italian blogosphere covers the scandal here  and here . Overall silence in the media, except for some few newspapers (certainly not on the left) such as Il Giornale (see here and here) and Il Foglio

The New York Slimes Times has shamefully pasted a man’s head onto the body of a woman. Look here

Anne Bayefsky: Kofi Annan to Hizbullah’s rescue?

Simon Wiesenthal Center Humanitarian Mission Delivers Aid to Frontline Israeli Communities  (lots of nice pictures)

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the brutal mass murder of Israeli civilians at the Sbarro pizzeria.

Per chi non lo sapesse, oggi è il quinto anniversario della strage compiuta da terroristi palestinesi contro innocenti civili israeliani nella pizzeria Sbarro

Malaysian foreign minister threatens Israel

Religious tolerance in Mubarak’s Egypt: Egyptian Monastery Besieged by Police

Monastero copto assediato dalla polizia egiziana

The mother and some relatives of Akbar Mohammadi, the maverick Iranian freedom fighter murdered by the Islamic Republic regime in jail.

Freedom for Egyptians: Saudi Women Journalists:Interviewing Men is a Problem

Boycott made in China goods: Chinese Official Executed as Taiwan Spy

Press Release from the Cuba Miami News Bridge Bureau

Cuban Dissident Gustavo Arcos Dies at 79 in Havana. He fought alongside Castro against Batista.Then, in 1964, he defected from his post as Cuban ambassador to the Netherlands, because he realized Cuba was becoming a communist state. From 1966, he was jailed several times, including after he attempted flee the island. He founded a human rights group and was often victim of the brutal ‘repudiation acts’ made by the Castroite mobs led by the State Security. He has helped the dissidents in their fight and protected them when in danger. He died without seeing his Cuba free.

Carlos Serpa Maceira : Muere en La Habana el Disidente Gustavo Arcos

Cuban Human Rights activist harassed for refusing serving as army reservist “I don’t want to be an army reservist. I am a human rights activist” (Spanish)

CUBA: AUMENTAN MEDIDAS REPRESIVAS Y AMENAZAS CONTRA DEFENSORES DE LOS DERECHOS HUMANOS – “Me dijeron palabras obscenas y yo les dije ¡Vivan los derechos humanos!, entonces hicieron algarabía y gritaron ¡Viva Fidel, viva Raúl y la revolución! Los vecinos fueron muy solidarios con nosotros, nadie del barrio participó”.

Misceláneas de Cuba : El Precio de Ser Disidente en Cuba

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