IDF uncovers bunkers and Hizbullah communications equipment

Caroline Glick: Why Israel must win

Evidence showing Al Qaeda’s cells are well-rooted in UK

The well-known peace-loving democracies at the UN Human Rights Council condemn Israel

Israel Banned From Hosting Int’l Soccer Games

Guardian leftist columnist Nick Cohen, at least this time, gets it right: Save us from the crackpots who see Zionist conspiracies in everything

Magdi Allam: C’è un’ideologia di massa dietro alla minoranza del terrore – Nell’Islam il radicalismo ha radici antiche

Sunday Times: The enemy within

Multiculturalism’s effects in Italy: 23-year-old Pakistani woman slaughtered by her father for loving an Italian guy.The latter is being protected by bodyguarsd, as the woman’s father has not yet been found by police.News in Italian

Multiculturalismo, primi effetti anche in Italia. Le vittime, sempre le donne: Giovane pachistana sgozzata dal padre in provincia di Brescia. La sua ‘colpa’ ? Essersi innamorata di un uomo, italiano, non gradito alla famiglia.

Telegraph: We should not tolerate the preachers of jihad

Received via email from Amil Imani: Useful idiots

Islamic Republic’s fascist, terrorist and murderous leaders after face lifting. Yeah, every one looks like this

El Nuevo Herald: En Cuba prospera la TV por cable clandestino

Priest of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre church, Santiago de Cuba: “Majority of Catholics in Cuba are not praying for Castro’s health.”.Listen to his own voice here

Castroite mob threatens human rights activist with being beated to death with baseball batons. Activists of the Democratic Oriental Alliance was walking in a street of a Cuban town when they were stopped by a paramilitary mob who followed them until their houses and sieged them. News in Spanish

Mas brutalidad de la Seguridad del Estado: Turbas sacan activistas de Antilla

Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia, Agencia Jóvenes sin Censura: Desnutrida y sin ayuda niña de 5 años

Bitácora Cubana: Hipocresía de intelectuales con relación a Cuba

Entrevista a Félix Bonne Carcassés . I parte ; II parte

Otro Incansable Luchador que Cae Sin Ver la Caída Del Tirano Castro

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