Sellout – The ceasefire resolution hands victory to the jihadists

Hizbullah refuses to disarm . Do you think the ‘international community’ cares? It doesn’t at all, in fact, they’re willing to keep them intact: France Insists Its UNIFIL Troops Not To Disarm Hizbullah

Cease-fire without the eliminaiton of the enemy (Hizballah) is a victory for them and paves the way for more violence (read: terrorism). It’s not only me who says this. It’s the terrorists themselves.

Il cessate-il-fuoco voluto a tutti i costi dalla comunità internazionale è una vittoria per i terroristi e spiana la strada alla ‘terza intifada’. Non lo dico io, lo dice Hamas. Complimenti, “comunità internazionale”. E grazie anche a lei, Olmert. Sono sempre più convinta che si sarebbe voluto uno con le palle, un Netanyahu

Hezbollah’s Calls for Genocide – And the U.N.’s complete disinterest

Foreign media sidelines Haifa . Sections of the international media omit scenes of bombed out Haifa, remain aloof to anti-Hizbullah voices in Lebanon

From EU Referendum: The Corruption of the Media

Mark Steyn: Pan-Islamism challenges idea of nation state

Ribbentrop-Molotov Alliance, 2006. Terror supporters march in Paris. Communists+Islamists (WARNING: Graphical images)

Director General of Al-Arabiya TV in Defense of President Bush’s Description of London Bombers: ‘They Are Fascists

Il direttore generale della TV Al-Arabiya difende coraggiosamente le parole di Bush che hanno definito gli aspiranti kamikaze fermati l’altro giorno a Londra come “fascisti islamici”. “Bush non dice che i mussulmani sono fascisti, ma che il vero problema sono i fascisti islamici”. Non è la prima volta che il direttore della tv araba parla coraggiosamente contro l’islam estremista

Face up to your problem, Muslims told

Hina Saleem, 20-year-old Pakistani girl, brutally beheaded by her father for loving an Italian man. Hina wanted to live like a Western woman. She worn jeans and didn’t want to wear the veil.This ‘honor’ killing occurred in Northern Italy. She was beheaded and then buried in her house’s backyard. Source: Il Corriere della Sera here and here (Italian only)

Tunisian Leila Ben Khalifa lives in Italy. She participated to the Big Brother. She considers herself a Secular muslim. She isn’t practicing and doesn’t care about religion. Her photos made the Islamic community both in Italy and Tunisia angry. But she says she doesn’t care  about the fundamentalists’ opinion and she wants to live free like every one of us Western women. See the video where she says she wants to be free here (in Italian)

Islamic Republic regime in Iran clamps down on bloggers and launches new wave of crackdown on satellite dishes

Coming soon in the cinemas. From my good friend Fereydoun, an Iranian freedom fighting blogger living in Iran

A Good News: Darsi Ferrer has NOT disappeared (Spanish). He was victim of harassment by the police, who searched his house BUT Darsi bravely kept them from stoling his belongings. However, his house was sieged by the police.

Urgente: El Dr. Darsi Ferrer no está desaparecido

Why it’s fake. Castro has likely been taken after Castro fell and broke his leg last year. A 80-year-old man who just undergone a delicate intestinal surgery wouldn’t sit like that. The truth is that Castro is still in a hospital bed, dying. Remember that communist regimes use to lie big time. Let’s not be so fool to believe that a old man who undergone delicate surgery suddenly sit smiling and looking healthy.

UPDATE: Granma (Castro’s toilet paper press) publishes photos showing a Castro sitting in his hospital’s bed. This proves that the photos posted yesterday might have been taken when he fell and broke his leg last year. It’s the same hospital, of course, because it’s the hospital where he has always been treated. This is the real image: the bastard sitting in a hospital bed. Where he’ll die. His upcoming death will be the “adverse news” one of his toilet papers announced yesterday. P.S. : Remember you’re seeing photos published by a newspaper belonging to the regime.

Castro looks actually very unhealthy. “Get ready for the ‘adverse’ news” said CaSStro. Words of a person aware to be dying

La Secretaria del Consejo Ecuménico de la Republica Checa pide no enviar ayuda a Cuba a través del Consejo de Iglesias de inclinación pro castrista

José Antono Fornaris, Cuba-Verdad: Los mercaderes en el templo

Articulo: La Historia No Absuelve a los Dictadores ni Olvida sus Víctimas

Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya : Los cambios fundamentales necesarios

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