Hezbollah Rockets Hit Lebanon Despite Cease-Fire

Continuano a cadere razzi Hezbollah nel sud del Libano

More staged photos from mainstream media in Lebanon

BBC reporter caught lying over alleged “destruction” of Lebanese town

Giornalista della BBC che aveva detto che un paesino libanese era stato distrutto dai bombardamenti israeliani, è stata clamorosamente smentita dalle immagini di altri inviati nel paese.

Brother of “moderate” terrorist and “reformist” murderer Khatami: Our missiles Ready to Hit Tel Aviv

I nostri missili pronti a colpire Tel Aviv.Chi l’ha detto? Ahmadinejad? No, il fratello del terroristi “moderato” ed assassino “riformista” Khatami

Caroline Glick: The Olmert government must go


Majority of Canadians get it: Majority back Harper’s support of Israel, poll shows

La maggioranza dei canadesi sostiene il governo di centro-destra nella politica di appoggio ad Israele contro il nemico terrorista

Thomas Sowell: Will cease-fires never cease?

It Is Islamic Fascism.London’s strike reminds us we are at war with Muslim totalitarians

ITALY: OVER 13,000 POTENTIAL TERRORIST TARGETS ‘UNDER CONTROL’ . Aren’t we in Italy supposed to be safe from terror because of Prodi’s plans for pullout of the Italians troops from Iraq?

Iranian “dissident” Akbar GANJI shows his true face while in the United States. An Iranian freedom fighter explains: Roozbeh Farahanipour, head of the Westwood-based MPG Party, or Iranians for a Secular Republic, questioned how a political prisoner could manage to issue writings from jail — and after release, obtain a visa and embark on a global tour. Other critics accuse him of cooperating with the Islamic regime’s persecution of dissidents in the revolution’s early years. “We are trying to show the international community that he is a fake figure trying to keep this regime safe,” Farahanipour said. A friend in Iran told me Ganji is actually a fake figure and is considered by many as “Melli Mazhabi”, the so-called “religious nationalists” close to “reformists” within the regime. I’ve never promoted such individual in my blog, as I always imagined he was a controversial figure. Too bad that those promoting didn’t realize in time that he was playing games to deceive the world community.For those who didn’t know, Ganji was, back in 1999, a revolutionary guard who participated in the infamous interrogations of maverick freedom fighting students in Evin. Today, Ganji had this to say: “I’m proud of my past and I can defend it morally,” .  Draw your own conclusions.

President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies wishes Castro “good health”. This infamous individual, Fausto Bertinotti, is a communist leader who often met with Castro in Cuba. If this (minority) shameful government had a bit of decency, it would demand Bertinotti to step down immediately as president of one of the most important democratic institutions in Italy. Shame on you, Bertinotti. Resign Now!

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Asedian Turbas Gubernamentales Durante Más de 10 Horas la Sede de la Comisión Nacional Cuba en La Habana

Cuban doctors defect, speak out.Two Cuban doctors who defected gave an inside account of the Cuban- Venezuelan health program

Comunicado del Ejecutivo del CAD-2506 de Cuba a la Oposición Interna y Comunidad Mundial

Dios Proteja a su Iglesia de los Fariseos en su Seno

Potencia mundial de la salud: 20 muertos y decenas de personas hospitalizadas por broche de dengue en Cuba. Y claro, el régimen mantiene estas noticias en secreto..

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