Got another big fish: Israeli forces kill Hezbollah leader

Ben fatto.Israele uccide un pesce grosso dei terroristi Hezbollah

Reuters shills for Hizballah and doesn’t put quotes where they should. Read the title they gave to the article. Israel Defense Force: We’ll disarm Hizbullah if UN can’t

Israele avverte che se l’Onu non può disarmare i nazisti Hezbollah, lo farà Israele stesso

Death Cult society: Palestinians being named after Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad

I’ve talked to some friends in Iran who told me that the overall opinion in Iran among the people (whose 80% is against the regime in its entirety) is that Hizballah must be destroyed. Some wanted me to tell them who is winning this war, because they always hear the regime claiming it’s them who won. The Iranian people are supporting Israel in eradicating the cancer named Islamic terrorism and Hizballah. The Iranians know full well how Hizballah works. Hizballah’s terror is ruling Iran since 1979.

Let-Them-Into-The-EU Update: Anti-semitic signs in Turkey

Scritte anti-semite in Turchia. Alcuni negozi negano l’entrata a turisti israeliani

If you are not yet convinced about the blatant bias of many of the Middle Eastern reporters working for Western wire services, then check out the blog of an AP “journalist”.

Michelle Malkin: Fauxtography: The media scandal continues

Fox News has video of Green Helmet Guy staging a media show in Qana

“Green Helmet Guy”, il “socorritore” Hezbollah che ha recitato durante i soccorsi alle vittime dell’incidente di Qan, è stato smascherato pubblicamente. Non solo dai blogger, ma anche dalla TV tedesca, che ha trasmesso un video esclusivo che mostra l’uomo intento a mettere in scena un vero e proprio show mediatico. Appena si è accorto che c’erano le telecamere ed i fotografi, ha tirato fuori dall’ambulanza un bambino e l’ha portato in mostra davanti alle telecamere. Il video è stato ritrasmesso dalla Fox News, ripreso dalla TV tedesca. Potete vederlo qui

The first hacking I support: Israelis hack Ahmadinejad’s blog

Copt Egyptian blogger forced to censure herself following months of harassment. Sam wonders if he and others will be next (he’s not a Copt, but he’s a free-thinking secularist)

Man held for ‘insulting’ Zimbabwean tyrant Mugabe

Articulo sobre los crimenes comunistas en la Italia post-guerra: Medallas para Aquellos Sacerdotes

Carlos Ortega: Venezuela’s Walesa?

Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Oscar Arias dismissed here Tuesday an insult proffered by Cuba’s vice president and reiterated his desire to see democratic change on the Communist-ruled island. “I plead for, and have always done so, I haven’t changed my mind, for a regime change and not for a monarchical succession” in Cuba, said Arias, who won the 1987 Nobel Prize for his efforts to end civil wars in Central America. “Costa Rica takes the opportunity to reiterate its permanent commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights, and to renew its solidarity with the Cuban people,”

En el programa “La Hora de la verdad” de esta noche, por GentTV, Canal 8, que dirige Ricardo Brown, se establecio comunicacion telefonica con el Dr. Darsi Ferrer desde Cuba

20 Cuban refugees reached safely South Florida’s coasts. They’ll be allowed to stay. The refugees fled Cuba on August 13, on the Castro’s birthday. “We’re happy. This was the 21st time I tried to make it to the U.S. and I was always sent back Cuba. Now I’m happy. I even kissed the soil as soon as I got here.” said one of the refugees. News from El Nuevo Herald

El Nuevo Herald: Llegan 20 cubanos a costas de la Florida

Independent journalist Carlos Serpa Maceira (Lux Info Press Agency and Cuba-Miami Information Bridge Bureau) and activist with several groups, told us from Havana that the Julio Tang Texier Civic Cultural Project he is member of, commemorate in Nueva Gerona, capital of Isla de Pinos, the first martyr died in 1962 in one of the many labor camps of the communist regime. In the event,participated several residents of the town. News here, Spanish. The freedom fighters also aired a TV Martì’s DVD documentary about the Ladies in White (wives,daughters, sisters and mothers of political prisoners) and showed it to Cuban residents of the town (Nueva Gerona), who said they appreciate the peaceful fights of the Ladies and are happy for knowing about them.  So far, at least 2000 people watched the documentary in the Cuban town. News here, Spanish. All these activities are made possible thanks to the coordination of severl opposition groups based in Miami.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Recuerdan en Isla de Pinos al Primer Martir del Plan de Trabajo Forzado y : Exhiben DVD sobre las Damas de Blanco en Isla de Pinos

Roberto Santana Rodríguez : Quitado cartel que decía CAMBIO

Humberto Fontova: Absolving a Tyrant.The London Times’ valentine to Castro

Llamado a la no cooperación del Preso de Consciencia Jorge Luís García Pérez Antúnez

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