MK Shalom: Israel shouldn’t have accepted ceasefire conditions

From Myrtus: Is Hezbollah Using Counterfeit US Dollars For Reconstruction?

Islamists succeed in getting British blogger suspended for criticizing Islamic fundamentalism

Gruppo fondamentalista islamico inglese fa chiudere un blog che criticava il terrorismo islamico

Suspected killer of tourist arrested.The Italian tourist was in reality a “peace” activist went there to “help” only the Palestinians. He hated Israel and so does his family, who prefers not to believe that their son’s killer is a Palestinian, and a member of the Islamic Jihad. He hated Israel, but he lived in Gerusalem, Israel. I mean, he didn’t live in his beloved Palestinian-controlled territories..

Arrestato l’assassino del pacifinto italiano. E’ un palestinese, membro della Jihad islamica. Vedremo se i genitori del ragazzo se la prenderanno con chi ha ucciso il figlio, invece che prendersela con Israele

Magdi Allam: L’esame d’integrazione Hina Saleem, the 20-years-old Pakistani girl beheaded by her father and her sister’s husband and then buried in her house’s backyard in Northern Italy, had denounced, back in 2003, the violence she suffered in the hands of her family. “My family forced me to stop going to school because I smoke and behave like an Italian and a christian”. “They beat me up and want me to get married to a cousin in Pakistan I don’t even know”. Read more of the shocking details, in Italian only, here . Hina had said that she didn’t want to live Islamic-style. She also said that violence she suffered were ordered by the Koran. Read here, from the Guardian Hina Saleem, la ventenne pachistana sgozzata dal padre e dal cognato secondo le leggi coraniche, nel 2003 aveva denunciato le violenze che subiva. «Mi hanno tolta da scuola perché fumo. E mi picchiano perché faccio la cristiana»

Reportage: Ogni anno in Pakistan oltre 10.000 donne fanno la fine di Hina

Kevin Cosgrove’s 911 call from the World Trade Center. Video . Hat Tip: Jeremiah


Mexico has spoken.Lopez Obrador must accept his loss

New post created to lead U.S. intelligence efforts against Cuba and Venezuela . And yes, I’ll be leading that post 

My Space is a great community website! I’ve just discovered that Cuban-born salsa singer Willy Chirino (my favorite Latin singer) has a page over there! You’ll also notice that there are also the pages of his 6 children (5 females, 1 male) . Yes, he has also his official website, but I didn’t know he joined MySpace. I used to write in his website’s forum and he replied me. I also spoke with his wife, the Cuban-born baladeer Lissette. Willy is considered – and rightly so – a Cuban patriot by both the Cuban exiles and the Cubans inside the island. Watch the interview to the singer here

Nota de Prensa del Partido Popular Joven Cuba : Paramilitares Cubanos Golpean Para Acallar al Pueblo

Declara Gloria Estefan que su sueño es cantar en Cuba libre

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