Israeli Reserves Demo Calling for Gov’t to Resign Tonight

Associated Press staging more photos?

Washington Times: A U.N. megaphone for terrorists

Real Clear Politics: How Islamic Terrorists Manipulate the Media

Stand with Israel rallies held in Finland and Sweden

Jerusalem Post: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Israel

Watch this documentary (with English subtitles) made by a reporter who used a hidden camera to record inside some mosques

Radical Muslim convicted for making death threats .The hate speech conviction of the spokesman for Hizb-ut-Tahrir could lead to the group’s dissolution

Which world are we living in?  “Hitler Restaurant” in an Indian city…

Pazzesco..In India, c’è un ..ristorante in onore di Hitler

Mohammed Parvin, Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran (text in PDF and Persian) : White House Event: From Gossips to Reality

Interesting website: Global Democracy Project

Interessante sito : Democrazia Globale

No Tears for Fidel, Please.The murderous dictator put revolution ahead of country, so shed them for the people and way of life he repressed


Tape suggests Raúl Castro ordered Brothers shootdown

Raúl ordenó el derribo de las avionetas de Hermanos al Rescate

Just received from our good friend Carlos Serpa Maceira and printed at, among the others, Net for Cuba: Urgent declaration of the Cuba Miami News Bridge Bureau . Carlos said he and his Press Agencies will not be intimidated by the repression even in case their members are arrested. They’ll go ahead. Listen to Carlos telling about the repressive act against him here

Los represores castristas reprimen al periodista independiente Carlos Serpa Maceira. Cuba es unos de los pocos lugares en el mundo donde el pueblo no puede viajar libremente hasta dentro del pais.

Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya : Los nuevos Judas

Phsychologist and independent journalist Gillermo Fariñas transferred to new unit

Got from Martha Beatriz Roque (in Spanish and PDF): Information received from Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

Oscar Sánchez Madan : No temas ni desmayes

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