EU Referendum has conclusive evidence showing how Green Helmet Guy (The Hizballah “rescue worker “) staged photos of the incident in Qana, Lebanon for propaganda purposes

If today’s New York Times’ editors were in charge in 1943

Stories like these are unlikely to appear in the mainstream media: Threatened by Hizballah, Lebanese woman gets asylum in Israel and reunites with her husband. She was threatened by the Nazi Hizballah because of her husband’s work with Israeli Army

Stories come queste non le leggerete quasi mai nella stampa di tutti i giorni. Una donna libanese è riuscita ad avere l’asilo politico in Israele ed a riunirsi con suo marito che vive lì ed ha ottenuto la cittadinanza israeliana. La donna era minacciata dagli Hezbollah perchè suo marito aveva lavorato con l’esercito israeliano

From Cox and Forkum

Disproportionate Response II

Il mio articolo su Ragion Politica: Una nuova era per Cuba?

Cuban freedom fighters violently attacked. Members of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option were victim of a brutal aggression by the repressive militias of the State Security, the political police and the so-called “rapid response brigades” . The freedom fighters were celebrating a meeting at a dissident’s house, asking for the immediate and unconditional release of all the 300 political prisoners. The paramilitaries sieged the place around the house and put pro-regime music and, with loudspeakers, shouted threats like “we will kill you all” and “traitors,mercenaries” as usual. The neighbors bravely defended the dissidents by shouting “abusers!” to the Castroite mob. The latter (the mob) then has beaten up a dissident trying to reach the house, but his relatives and some neighbors rescued him. Read more here, in Spanish.

Turbas paramilitares fascistas de “respuesta rapida” agredieron fisica y verbalmente a un grupo de opositores pacificos en Pedro Betancourt, provincia de Matanzas, Cuba. Una vez más, el verdadero pueblo se mostró enardecido contra los represores y defendió a los opositores.

“Repudiation act” against the valiant dissident Martha Beatriz Roque

Acto fascista de repudio contra la valiente Marta Beatriz Roque

Recibido por Sergio Pastor Martínez Carrazana: Informe conjunto de la CAPPF y el MLC sobre actividades y: Declaración de Opositores Pacíficos

Do you remember the guy who made it to the U.S. along with other Cubans in a “Chevrolet” one year and a half ago? Luis Grass today lives happily in Miami with his wife and young son.How Luis Grass turned some very old Detroit iron into a seagoing escape vehicle. Twice

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  1. no2liberals says:

    Great story, about the truckonauts. Thanks for that, and Luis’ message, “Whoever lives in fear doesn’t deserve to live.”

  2. freethoughts says:

    Yes, it’s a very touching message

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