Video shows kidnapped Fox News reporter Steve Centanni and cameraman

Kudos to Canada! Harper spokesman likens Hezbollah to German Nazi party of the 1930s

Il governo di centro-destra canadese non ha paura di dire la verità: Un portavoce del governo Harper paragona gli Hezbollah al partito nazista tedesco. Guarda caso, gli Hezbollah adorano Hitler, tanto che il loro saluto è il saluto romano.

Train bomb plot brings fear of terrorism to Germany . The Germans seem to waking up and realizing that the nature of the Jihadist ideology is aggressive, not defensive. The Jihadist enemy doesn’t care whether a nation participated to the Iraqi war.

Sapete che il governo italiano non vi ha detto nulla del fatto che sta mandando altri soldati in Afghanistan? Non che non sia d’accordo. Voglio solo sottolineare che il governo lo tiene nascosto da regime qual’è, per evitare di perdere voti. Afghanistan, partono i rinforzi. In silenzio

Terrorist murderer Mohammad Khatami, former “president of Iran”, has been invited to speak at the leftist Washington National Cathedral. The question here is: why is the State Dept. allowing this murderous terrorist to enter the U.S. ? 

Want to guess where the terrorists are getting $150 million to distribute in Beirut? From the Islamic Republic of Iran, of course

Magdi Allam: Il ricatto di Gheddafi

From the Korea Liberator,an Open Letter to the South Korean Ambassador on the fate of 169 North Korean refugees held in Thailand and facing deportation to NK (where they will be murdered)

Brutal slaying of daughter shocks Italy.There is a wave of frustration against Muslim immigrants in Italy. The more the people hear these stories, the angrier they get. We certainly hope no violence is committed. However, this is the result of unassimilated immigration. Hina Saleem wanted to live like an Italian woman. She wanted to have nothing to do with her parents’ culture.


Amil Imani: Brutalizing the Baha’i in Iran

I’ve just found some month-old photos showing Iranians (in Iran) celebrating the banned pre-Islamic Chahar Shanbe Souri festival. As you know, every woman is forced to wear the mandatory veil when in Iran (this goes for non-Iranian women,too). But, look at how the Iranian women below defied the regime by not fully covering their hairs and someone even took it out!!

Benazir Bhutto: The price of dictatorship

Interview to Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, the Cuba’s female Vaclav Havel. “I prefer to return in jail rather than living continuously harassed Martha is leader of the assembly to Promote the Civil Society, an umbrella that gathers around 300 opposition movements, parties and independent libraries. She is being victim of brutal ‘repudiation acts’ by the State Security-led mobs who gather in front of her house or stop her when she goes out. Recently, she was brutally beaten up inside her own house. This photo shows her outside her house. Notice the pro-Castroite paintings in the wall. They were painted by some neighbors belonging to the State Security, as a form of provocation. The interview is in Spanish

Entrevista AP: Disidente cubana prefiere cárcel que acoso

Enviado por Darsi Ferrer: Plebiscito por la Soberanía

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Asedian Turbas Gubernamentales Sede Oficial del Proyecto de Bibliotecas Independientes en Isla de Pinos “Repudiation act” against freedom fighters in Ciego de Avila, Cuba (Spanish). About 100 plainclothes paramilitaries gathered outside the house of an independent peasant who was hosting a meeting of members of the Cuban Human Rights Foundation. The mob used loudspeakers and put pro-regime music and threatened the peaceful dissidents that, in case they went out the house, they would be killed. In the house were several children as young as 5. The freedom fighters shouted “Long Live Human Rights!” for 10 minutes.Sufren acto de repudio activistas en Ciego de Ávila

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