Al-Qaida Possibly Behind FOX News Kidnappings

Zombie Time exposes the Lebanese Red Cross ambulance incidet hoax

Misogyny and backwardness in Pakistan, as Mullahs call on aid groups to fire women or face violent protests. In many Islamic countries, women are seen as the  devil. Except when they serve to satisfy the man’s sexual desires

In Pakistan, i mullah minacciano un’associazione di soccorso ai terremotati con proteste violente se non licenzieranno le donne. Nell’Islam la donna è vista come il diavolo. Tranne quando serve a soddisfare i desideri sessuali dell’uomo ed a sfornare figli.

Youssef Ibrahim: Europe’s Delayed Response to Muslims

Gli inglesi cominciano a svegliarsi.Il 53% ora pensa che l’Islam sia una minaccia per l’Occidente.

Appello all’opposizione: UCOII fuori dalla Consulta islamica

Il Giornale: Stupratori in libertà la resa di Mastella

SMCCDI: Major power outage leads to protest actions in Tehran

SMCCDI: Blackout provoca proteste a Teheran

Foreign journalist realizes Cuba is not a “paradise”: Land of rum and rumba blighted by communism

Our good friend Darsi Ferrer from Havana reads his latest article “a referendum for sovereignty”, in which calls for free elections in Cuba. Listen to him, here.

Cuban political prisoner is brutally beaten in Kilo 7 Prison

“Milagros” de la revolucion energetica (mas conocida como robolucion energetica): Fallo en sistema eléctrico deja a oscuras zona occidental de Cuba

A religious leader in Cuba is arrested and repressed

Oscar Sánchez Madam, Periodista Independiente cubano : Propinan brutal golpiza a Delegado del Movimiento Independiente Opción Alternativa y : No cesa persecución contra la Familia Sigler Amaya

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  1. As commented in my site:

    about Daniel Pipes article on Sudden Jihad Syndrome victm Ariel Sellouk, American Jew killed by his Muslim ‘friend’ Mohammed Ali Alayed:

    “It did only can be an tipically American Jew (80% Leftist, liberal, at least 75% Democrat voter, crazy Dhimmy) to run that suicidal life risc, standing friend of a Muslim.

    All for get clear he did have NOTHING AGAINST his fellow being a Muslim. Well, in the other hand, his fellow had SOMETHING AGAINST his friend being an American – and Jew. Nothing so fair as multilateralism, huh?

    Children, learn about that stupid dead lib: before ‘tolerance’ and ‘relativism’, there’s the good old Natural Danger Instinct. In 2 words: MULTICULTURALISM KILLS.

    the UNIQUE Brazilian anti-IslamoNazist site

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