What did you do in the war, UNIFIL?.You broadcast Israeli troop movements

Music, Palestinian-style..: Boy band sings praises of Nasrallah

Somalian Taliban regime (directly linked to Al Qaeda) issues threats: Islamic leader in key Somali town says ‘the world better learn who we are’

Magdi Allam: Il coraggio di infrangere il muro della paura

Robert at Publius Pundit has an excellent analysis on the post-election situation in the Congo

One more Cuban doctor defects while in “mission” in Bolivia. “I wanted to abandon these things, I want to be free . I have my dreams and I want to tell the truth”

Desertó segundo médico cubano.”Decidí abandonar esas cosas, quiero ser libre y tener mis aspiraciones. Tengo mis sueños y entonces, por eso, he llegado a este punto de hablar la verdad”

“Rapid response brigades” (read: Rapid Terror Brigades, because when it comes to help the Cuban people, there is no rapid response), do “repudiation act” against a member of the Pro-Human Rights Party of Cuba, affiliated to the Andrej Sakharov Foundation. The act took place in front of the activist’s house and lasted until the late hours of the night. In the dissident’s house were his 2 young children. News in Spanish

Brigadas fascistas de terror rapido realizan acto “de repudio”  contra un miembro del Partido Pro Derechos Humanos de Cuba, afiliado a la Fundación Andrei Sakharov 

Dr. Eloy A. González: Médicos Rehenes en Cuba

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