Debka: European Lebanon Force Is Cast as Shield for Hizballah Military Buildup  .I personally am opposing the EU-UN “mission” to Lebanon. The Italian (minority) gov’t has even proposed to “send troops in Gaza”. Guess why..

Debka scrive che le truppe europee che andranno in Libano sotto l’egida delle cosidette Nazioni Unite, hanno il desiderio di fare da scudo agli Hezbollah, i quali non avranno nessun ostacolo nella corsa a riarmarsi ed organizzarsi. Come ho già detto, io sono contro la partecipazione italiana a questa “missione” anti-israeliana.

Fox News journalists freed,say forced to convert

Former Malaysian PM threatens America and Israel

Islamic Republic in Iran’s former president Mohammed Khatami backs nuclear programme. I’m not surprised at all.

Received via email from an Iranian: I am certain you have seen what Reverend Samuel T. Lloyd III of Washington National Cathedral recently stated . It is sad, isn’t it?!  I wonder if the Reverend knows that in July of 2005, Khatami stated: I Expect No Change in US-Iranian Relations. We Love Hezbollah!  Is the Reverend an anti Israeli Reverend and does he also support and love Hezbollah as well?!  The ignorant President Carter also praised Ayatollah Khomeini back in 1979 and Khomeini proved to be one the worst enemy of Iranians and one of the biggest enemies of Israel and America.I wonder how the Reverend can claim that Khatami, the man who is known in Iran as the leader of deception to help bring peace among civilizations when he failed to allow freedom and civility within one country, Iran!  We will never forget how the regime of Iran murdered Zahra Kazemi, the Canadian Journalist in Iran and under Khatami’s rule.  I wonder how Khatami who utterly failed to allow dialogue between the mullah rulers of Iran and the Iranian people, can have the audacity to claim to be the man of dialogue among civilizations! I wonder if Reverend Lloyed has ever made a trip to Iran to see for himself how the mullah rulers treat women (see here), torturing political prisoners under Khatami’s rule (see here) and how religious minorities/Christians were being treated under Khatami’s presidency (see here and here)!  I wonder if the Reverend knows how many Priests were executed in Iran and under Khatami’s presidency simply for accepting those Iranians who had converted from Islam to their churches!  I wonder if the Reverend is wishing that women should be stoned to death and that women should be treated the same way in America!  Or is the Reverend an anti Iranian Christians or an anti Iranian Pastors?!  I wonder if the Reverend knows how the chain murdering of dissidents started under the presidency of Khatami!  I wonder if the Reverend knows how Khatami, the so-called “man of dialogue”, threatened to throw the students out when students were rightfully calling him a liar and a failure (see here)?!  Is this the Reverend’s idea of a “man of dialogue, commitment, civility and peace”?! Would Reverend similarly praise Hitler?  If The Cathedral is a place of reconciliation with the head of the terrorist regime of Iran, will its doors be open to Devil himself?!  I wonder if Reverend can explain to us why Khatami hid the Iran’s activities for nuclear technology during his 8 year presidency from the world community!  Is the Reverend promoting and advocating secrecy, concealment and dishonesty?  Has The Cathedral borrowed the deed “taghiyeh” (deception in the name of religion), which is widely exercised by the mullah rulers, from Mr. Khatami?With the aid of a pro-mullah lobbying organization, AIC, we all know how Madeline Albright extended an apology to Iran for past US meddling in Iranian affairs (see here).  Thus, Clinton Administration further legitimized an illegitimate fascist Islamist regime of Iran.  Is the Reverend and The Cathedral prepared to apologize to 70 million Iranians for supporting the head of mafia regime of Iran and for interfering in Iranian affairs?It is truly shameful!  The same way Iranians will never forget how President Carter betrayed Iranians and Americans by praising Khomeini in 1979, I know they will never forget how this House of Jesus is betraying Iranians, Americans and all the freedom-loving and peace-loving people of the world by inviting Khatami, the anti peace fascist Mullah.Let’s hope The Cathedral will do what is righteous, stand with people of Iran and America and cancel the disgraceful meeting on September 7 and withdraw their invitation of Mullah Khatami

Arriverà il giorno in cui questo governo verrà mandato a casa a calci nel sedere. Cioè, alle prossime elezioni. Questo governo sta combinando guai all’Italia sotto tutti i punti di vista, dalla politica estera a quella sull’immigrazione fino a quella sull’economia.Benedetto Della Vedova risponde alla scellerata decisione dei comunisti di inviare ispettori nei call center: decisione ispettori ostile al mercato ed alle imprese

Islamists furious at Muslim woman participating to a beauty pageant

Gli islamisti in Australia danno addosso ad una giovane mussulmana partecipante ad un concorso di bellezza

Jim reminds us that a Yemeni journalist is still jailed in his country for “insulting Muhammad”

Lázaro Evelio González Sufo was a young Cuban activist with the Pro-Human Rights Party of Cuba, affiliated to the Andrej Sakharov Foundation. He was brutally assassinated by the Castroite mobs and hanged in a bridge. This occurred some month ago and went totally unnoticed. Cuban human rights groups in the exile are preparing a list of crimes committed by the castroite regime and its sympathizers and a list with the names of the accomplices of these crimes. This way, one day they will be brought to justice

Foto del joven patriota cubano Lázaro Evelio González Sufo, vilmente asesinado por las hordas castristas. ¿Qué cual fue el terrible delito cometido por González para sufrir tan cruel y triste fin? Pues pertenecer al Partido Pro-Derechos Humanos de Cuba afiliado a la fundación “Andrei Sakharov ” y demandar los más básicos derechos humanos. Gracias a Dios que ya la tiranía está en sus momentos finales y tenemos la certeza que este horrible crimen no quedará impune.

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