Five terror rockets fired into Israel’s city of  Sderot.

Experts: Reuters jeep not hit by missile.Following Reuters report that its armored vehicle was hit by IDF, expert says: ‘Damage on vehicle sustained long time ago, probably not by rocket’

Rally for kidnapped troops: Don’t abandon them .Some 40,000 people gather in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv for rally of solidarity with kidnapped soldiers. Participants call on gov’t, international community to do whatever in their power to bring to captives’ release

Melanie Phillips: The media war against Israel

Children abuse by Hizballah Nazi terrorists.Hizbullah Recruits Children Barely 10 Years Old

SMCCDI: Protest letter for the attention of the “Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation” (against Khatami’s attendance to a conference in the US)SMCCDI: Lettera di protesta indirizzata al “Centro per la giustizia e la pace globale”

Terror supporters gather in Italy. The so-called “Anti-imperialist Camp” (a Stalinist group that collects money to send to terror groups in the Middle East, from Iraq to the palestinian territories) are organizing a “conference” with representatives of , according to their own expression – “the palestinian resistance Hamas and the communist movements such as the Palestinian people’s liberation front, etc.) ” and represenatives of – in their own words – “the Somali Islamic Courts, about which Islamophobes tell lots of lies..”. And, “we will debate about the Afghan resistance movements not only the Taliban resistance”.. If you can read Italian and have stomach, read it here

ShockVillage: Ennesima adunata del Campo nazimperialista

Another “honor killing”, in the Italian Switzerland. Pakistani Ajmal Butt Aziz, 24, is accused of murdering his 20-year-old wife Khudeja because she refused to follow Islamic tradition and wear a headscarf

Ennesimo omicidio “d’onore”. Accaduto nel Ticino, dove un assassino pachistano ha ucciso la giovane moglie che non voleva seguire lo stile di vita islamico e non voleva indossare il velo

Magdi Allam: Naguib Mahfouz, la vera sfinge dei nostri tempi

600 people in Como (Northern Italy) applaud speech of Magdi Allam. Magdi is the deputy editor of Il Corriere della Sera. He is an Egyptian-born secularist and non-practicing muslim. For his outspoken support of the US and Israel (he supports the war on terror and the war against Hizballah in Lebanon) and his warnings to the Italian state against the dangers of multiculturalism, non-assimilated immigration and the abuse of mosques by the hate preachers, he is living accompained by bodyguards. While in Como to speak about his new book titled “I love Italy, but do Italians love it?”, he bravely defied the Islamist community of the city, by saying that – being affiliated to the UCOII (Union of the Islamic Communities of Italy, a sort of CAIR, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists) -many of these Islamists are a threat to peaceful coexistance in the city. “Here in Como there are Islamo-fascists attempting to impose their laws”. A counter-demonstration was organized by these Islamists – just 3 , compared to the 600 people went to applaud Magdi. News in Italian.

600 persone ad applaudire Magdi Allam. Solo 3 i delinquenti islamisti che hanno inscenato una penosa “contro-manifestazione” che non ha avuto alcun successo.

Abajo Fidel! Down with Fidel! A rap song against the Castroite regime and in support of the Civic Desobedience Activities in Cuba. Some of the slogans of the song: “Las calles son del pueblo!” (The streets belong to the people! as opposed to the Castroite motto according to which the streets belong to the “revolutionaries”) ; “Abajo Fidel!” ; “La rebelion ya empezo!” (the uprising starts!); “La Ruta es la Desobediencia Civil!” (The path is the Civil Desobedience!)

Dengue epidemic spreads in Villa Clara, Cuba



Alejandrina Garcia, wife of political prisoner Diosdado Gonzales Marrero  and member of the Ladies in White

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  1. lisistrata says:

    sull’omicidio d’onore non è uscito quasi nulla, preferiscono tacere le autorità o fare come nell’assassinio della famiglia: infamare i morti,. E’ da vigliacchi, ma così è più facile e si tiene la folla al guinzaglio.

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