I have always been against the Israeli pullout from Gaza, explaining that it would have turned Gaza into a Jihadist base. Now facts are proving I was not wrong. Global jihad group debuts in Gaza

U.N. hits bottom. Note the lack of quote in this AP headline

Jewish groups angry at US over Khatami visit.”He presented himself as a moderate leader, but proved to be no different than the hardliners and ultimately worked in concert with them,” it said of Khatami, citing the facts that during his term as president, Iran built up its nuclear program, provided Hizbullah with rockets and supported terror groups. He has also been responsible for public executions of political opponents and the brutal murder of the Canadian-Iranian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi.

SMCCDI: Protest Against Khatami’s Speech at the WDC National Cathedral

European countries plan to send Hamas $ 500 million – directly from the unaware European taxpayers

I paesi europei hanno deciso di stanziare altri 500 milioni di dollari da inviare ai terroristi di Hamas. Soldi dei contribuenti europei, ovviamente.

A Fatwa in Spain . A Spanish politician and author won’t allow the gravest threat against his life to silence him

Magdi Allam: Una scuola Due stati

Youssef Ibrahim: The West Needs To Fight Islamofascists With Big Ideas

RACCOLTA DI FIRME organizzata da Pier Gianni Prosperino e Carla De Albertis di Alleanza Nazionale per impedire che venga attuato il piano strategico propagandistico della sinistra, come spiega Prosperino nel suo sito. L’ITALIANITA’ SVENDUTA DAL GOVERNO PRODI – Dopo l’apertura delle porte alle masse clandestine e ai ricongiungimenti allargati, la “sinistra sinistra” di Prodi “legalizza” l’invasione abbassando da 10 a 5 anni il tempo necessario per ottenere la Cittadinanza Italiana. Ecco il “traguardo” di Prodi: voto indiscriminato a milioni di immigrati, certa costituzione di un partito islamico integralista.

Islamists force cancellation of Freddie Mercury birthday bash on Zanzibar

Gender Apartheid in SA: Saudi Arabian rules out national women crew

Gingrich Opposed to U.S. Strike on Iran, Opts for Regime Change

Our newly-found “friend” Qadhafi is calling to kill his opponents

The Castroite Gestapo has arbitrarily detained our friend Darsi Ferrer in Havana. Her ex-wife Yusnaimy sent us an email stating the following: Yesterday in the early hours, 2.30 am, Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez, was arrested arbitrarily by about 50 members of the Politial Police, dressed as policemen, without shields, in 12 police cars.With guns drawn, they loudly knocked on the door. He was immediately handcuffed and take, without pants, shoes or shirts, who knows where, leaving our 5 year old son alone, as I was at my sick mother’s home. Darsi told them that our son was alone and asked that he be allowed to take him (son) with them. They paid no attention to him. But, before leaving, they turned on the gas and closed the door. Thanks to the help of some neighbors, who quickly went to find me, we were able to break a window, enter, and rescue the child still alive.The whereabouts of Darsi were unknown until 6:11am, when an official from the Ministry of Interior arrive to tell me where (in which unit) he was detained. At approxmately 8 am he was released.At this moment, around 1 pm, Darsi was arbitrarily arrested again on the corner of the Interests Office, which he was about to enter. Giving no explanation, he was taken away again. I am now going to look for him and hope to find him in a unit and not in another place. I’m sending this message to inform you that I, Yusnaimy Jorge Sosa, hold responsible and accuse the government, the National Security and everyone who was involved in this attempt to murder my son, Dariel Ferrer Jorge, who is only 5 years old, and my husband, Darsi Ferrer Ramirez. More at Babalu

La Gestapo nazi-comunista se llevo detenido al Dr. Darsi Ferrer en La Habana. Como si meterlo preso no fuera bastante para ellos, también abrieron el gas de la casa del activista y cerraron la puerta, mientras su hijo de solo 5 anos de edad se encontraba en la casa. Es muy claro que intentaron matar a Darsi pero también a su hijito. Pero algunos vecinos – ellos si que son el verdadero pueblo  – corrieron a advertir a la esposa de Dari que no se encontraba en casa. Lograron romper un vetro y rescatar el nino.

Darsi, Yusnaimy and Daniel, 5 years old.

Medicina Cubana: La cara oculta de la potencia médica . Hospitales destruidos, discriminación hacia los nativos y una atención cada vez más deficiente son hoy el día a día de la salud pública cubana

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información sobre la suspensión de la huelga de hambre por parte de Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

El Frente para la Libertad Total de Cuba aplaude y se solidariza con las manifestaciones públicas de protestas realizadas en el Municipio 10 de Octubre en la ciudad de la Habana

Anuncia FLAMUR Lanzamiento de Campaña Nacional Dentro de Cuba

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