Michelle Malkin: Terror ambulances . Islamic terrorists have an unsurpassed history of using emergency vehicles as tools of their murderous trade

Israel Suicide Watch: Israel accepts Indonesian troops as part of the UN “peacekeeping” force.Indonesia does not recognize Israel. Olmert should resign!

The Palestinian man who entered the British Embassy was willing to kill himself – without killing others – because he risks to be brutally murdered by the Palestinian death squads for being a collaborator. That means, a Palestinian willing to help Israel catch terrorists. This article writes he needs to be protected.

Il palestinese che è entrato all’ambasciata inglese, non vi è entrato per ammazzare. Ma per uccidersi con una pistola. Il motivo: paura che gli squadroni della morte palestinesi lo uccidano, per essere un aiutante di Israele. Cioè, uno che aiuta Israele a scovare i terroristi. Il ragazzo vuole asilo politico in Israele. Questo articolo scrive che questo ragazzo deve essere aiutato. Sono questi i palestinesi che amano la pace. Questi quelli che dobbiamo aiutare.

Iranian freedom fighters to protest Khatami’s US trip . More on the thug who is visiting the U.S. to play taqyya. Khatami loves Hezbollah. In 2000 the so-called Mullah of “Dialogue” called Israel an “illegal state.”  On 25 April 2001, he said Israel “is a parasite in the heart of the Muslim world”.

Il mio articolo su RagionPolitica: E’ vera tregua in Medioriente? Dhimmitude from President Bush: Bush backs off ‘Islamic fascists’

My friend Souad Sbai, a Moroccan feminist, secularist and anti-Islamist, takes on the abuses by the muslim immigrants on their women.Souad, director of an association of the moroccan women in Italy, in this interview on an Italian newspaper, speaks about the cases of Hina Saleem, a pakistani girl killed by her father, and a Tunisian girl rescued by the police while she was segregated in her house. “Italians should ask themselves: why don’t we see many Muslim women but only men walking in our cities’ streets? The truth is that the majority of the muslim women in Italy are segregated in their homes by their male relatives. Many of these women risk to end up like Hina. The mosques that preach hatred of women and West must be closed”.

Souad Sbai: «Tante come Hina, 9 musulmane su 10 recluse in casa» Washington Post : Accommodating Genocide in Darfur Dictators: The depths of evil. Kim Jong-il of North Korea

Darsi Ferrer’s friends in Havana launch SOS to the world community to denounce his arbitrary arrest  and the attempt, by the political police, to assassinate his 5-year-old son with a gas explosion in the house (that has not occurred just because some neighbors helped the child’s mother smash the window to enter the house and take him away). Read my post at Publius Pundit


Dr. Ferrer caring for an elderly patient in Havana Denuncia de Arresto del Dr. Darsi Ferrer e Intento de Asesinato de su Hijo de 5 añosS.O.S. Por Darsi Ferrer

Cuban television shows new images of Castro at his hospital with Venezuelan thug Chavez. Castro has cancer in its terminal phase. But the communists claim he is “recovering very well”. Look at the photo. Draw your own conclusions.

Nuevas imagenes transmitidas por la television del régimen muestran el comemierda visiblemente enfermo. Castro tiene un cancer en fase terminal. Miren bién la foto.Parece que el dictador se “recupera”, como afirma su mercenario y golpista Hugo Chavez?

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