Hezbollah is arming Gaza for a new war on Israel

Hezbollah wants to swap soldiers for child killer

Police swoop on Britain’s first ‘jihad training camp’.I’m not suprised, as this is something that has been growing in Europe without the politicians and governments did anything to stop it. I’m convinced that there are many other Jihad training camps, and not only in UK.

Mark Steyn: Why abduct us? We cede our values for free

Caroline Glick: Setting the conditions for disaster

IRA terrorists’ leader to meet with Hamas

Got another one in Iraq: No. 2 al Qaeda leader in Iraq arrested

Catturato il numero due di Al Qaeda in Iraq

Islamist terror-enabling mullah Khatami shows his true face during a  speech at an Islamist audience in Chicago, by blaming the US for Islamic terrorism. Get ready to see the smiley-faced murderer wearing the ‘moderate’ mask and speaking of ‘dialogue among civilizations’ when addressing a non-Muslim, but dhimmi, audience.

Accomplices. Kofi Annan shakes hands with his pal, Ahmadinejad

Muslim anger erupts at Australian treasurer Costello call to renounce terrorism. So, should Costello have said to Aussie Muslims: “feel free to blow people up”?

Hanno rotto le balle. Ora non si può neanche dire ai mussulmani che vivono in Occidente di rinunciare al terrorismo, che se la prendono..

Critics of Israel in UK fuelling hatred of British Jews

Magdi Allam: La falsa integrazione: spiagge riservate, vigilantes extracomunitari a Padova, esami di patente in lingue straniere, circolari della polizia che ammettono il burqa

A must-see: Stop Honor Killings

Forza Italia: «Scioglimento dell’Ucoii in base a “Legge Mancino”»

Dictators: Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus

Castroite Hackers shut down Chilean blog. Continued attacks by Castrite hackers prompted an Atlanta-based weblog platform to shut down a blog of a Chilean journalist. The Castroites won. Who’s next? Read  this report, in Spanish and DOC format, by the Chilean journalist who had his blog deleted.

Dr. Eloy Arnaldo González: ¿ QUE ES UN “ACTO DE REPUDIO” ?

Enviado por Ricardo Aguilar, Movimiento Liberal Cubano: Informe de la Comisión de Atención a Presos Políticos y Familiares

4 Responses to

  1. watergate says:

    possiamo fare i complimenti a quel genio di Coffee Annan che è tornato dall’Iran con una promessa di collaborazione in Libano, gli manca solo di consultare Bin Laden e siamo a posto. Un saluto dal nord Sardegna 🙂

  2. freethoughts says:

    Watrergate! Ciao, mi fa piacere sapere che sei mio corregionale!

  3. Lucca says:

    What a wonderful link. Brutish Jews are now, indeed, an endangered species. Thank you.

  4. Lucca says:

    My mistake. Of course, I meant “British Jews”. My fingers are much too fat for this keyboard. That will be my official excuse.

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