Father: ‘Hizbullah Murdered Our Children, UN Cooperated’

The Myth of the Ceasefire.Will Muslim nations disarm Hezbollah? They’re not even talking about it

Nirpal Dhaliwal: Mayor Red Ken courts the forces of intolerance

On London buses…:

Justice, Indonesian-style: 4 Australian sentenced to death for drug trafficking. Just 8 years  for Bali bombings role..

Kim Jong Il in failing health? The report is attributable to just one South Korean opposition lawmaker, but is tantalizing nonetheless:  “North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has difficulty walking as a result of diabetes and kidney and liver problems.”

Leftists, face the truth: the Mexican people rejected the Chavista/Castroite agenda and chose Calderon. Court declares Calderon winner

Opinion Journal: A victory for Calderón, and democracy

Cuban political prisoners applaud Mexico’s Calderon’s victory and call on leftist AMLO to concede defeat (Spanish)

Roberto Santana Rodríguez: Reos de conciencia complacidos ante victoria de Calderón

José Reyes: A Cuban Refugee is not an Immigrant

“We Should Work, Focus on Freeing the People That Are Still Under the Communist Oppression”… Talking with Göran Lindblad, Swedish Moderate Politician

Göran Lindblad (right) with our friend Alexis Gainza de Miscelaneas de Cuba

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