Some Palestinian human shields for terror appearing in different photos. LGF has more.Italy: Troops will respond if attacked.“Of course they will respond. They have the right of self-defense,” . So, why does the Italian gov’t insult Israel when it fights terror when attacked? Is Israel not entitled to self-defense?

Bad to read these kind of news on the eve of the 9/11 attacks: Saudis Sending 15,000 “Students” to US

Counterterrorism Blog: 3 Spanish Muslims Recruited for Jihad Every Month

Magdi Allam: La nostra libertà in mano ai futuri carnefici

Families Of Kidnapped Persian Jews Sue Khatami In US Court

From People’s Cube (Satiric website): Khatami In Harvard: Mullahs and Liberals Not That Different!

Il Foglio: I nuovi dissidenti europei

Chinese communists to complacent EU: Sell us arms ,don’t worry, we would just use them to eliminate a couple of dozens dissidents

Sudanese government attacks intensify in Darfur

Si intensificano gli attacchi del regime arabo-islamista sudanese contro la popolazione civile del Darfur

The Kingdom of absurdities: Saudi Religious Cops Ban Dog, Cat Sales


Jane Novak: Yemen: A Glimmer of Hope? – In the midst of a barrage of disheartening news from the Middle East, there’s one bright spot that should hearten cynics, realists and idealists alike.

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  1. As the fifth 9/11 anniversary approaches, I would like to thank you, Stefania, for your tenacious solidarity with America.

  2. freethoughts says:

    No need to thank me, Jeremiah. It’s my duty. 😉

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