Stand with America, now and always

Standing with America is a moral duty. Shame on those who wrote “We are all Americans” and then accused her for defending herself. When telling “we are all americans”, one must mean it. One has to stand with America not only a day of September, but always. Shame on those who believe that Islamic fascist terrorism targets only the US or Israel. Islamism never acts for defense. It always strikes first. Shame on those who fail to recognize that. I’m sorry for the defeatists, but America is safer. The world is not safer, but that is due to the nations who decided not to fight terror with the fit means. Safety will depend on whether the world decides to move war on terrorists wherever they are. God Bless America. But God bless it always. America Remembers


One Response to Stand with America, now and always

  1. Mr. Hewitt: I appreciate your reminder about the exaggerated claims centering on America’s “demise.” I thought the president successfully conveyed his sense of resolute determination and resolve at his recent presidential address to the nation. Here is an original song that echoes this sentiment:

    Dr. BLT
    words and music by Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT (c)2006
    [audio src="" /]

    aka Dr. BLT
    world’s premier blog n roll artist

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