Terrorists attack US embassy in Syria

Terrorist blackmail of the day: Hizballah: release Samir Kuntar or we won’t give you IDF soldiers back. Kuntar is a blood-thirsty child-killer. Israel has the moral duty not to release him. To rescue the kidnapped soldiers, Israel should use the force, because there’s no alternative to it, as Hizballah clearly demonstrates by their latest statement.

ANNE BAYEFSKY: Enough of the U.N.

Italian senator: Embarrassed of my gov’t.Roberto Calderoli, Italian Senate member and formerly the Reforms Minister (in the Berlusconi government), doesn’t like Italy’s new gov’t policy on ME. Tells Ynet: Italy supports Lebanon, Palestinians too much, Israel too little

Terrorist murderer Khatami praises Hezbollah

Eli Wiesel calls for Mullahs’ regime to be removed from UN

Le persone civili condannano l’infame conferenza organizzata dall’organizzazione mafioso-islamista-inquisitoria chiamata IADL, con il beneplacito del suo cassiere, il gruppo fondamentalista islamico UCOII. 11/9, QUAGLIARIELLO:” INGIURIOSO” CONVEGNO IADL . “È semplicemente ingiurioso che nell’anniversario dell’11 settembre nella sede del Parlamento italiano sia ospitato un convegno come quello dell’Islamic anti-defamation league il cui scopo e’ di dimostrare che lo Stato d’Israele non avrebbe giustificazioni ne’ storiche ne’ bibliche”. Renato Farina su Libero: ALLA CAMERA LEZIONE DI RAZZISMO. Nel giorno dell’11 settembre Montecitorio ospita i deliri di estremisti islamici e comunisti. Il Giornale: 11 settembre, alla Camera processo a Israele. Mentre il mondo si ferma per ricordare la tragedia, a Montecitorio un convegno voluto da Diliberto rovescia la realtà. Deborah Fait:Il Male e’ entrato alla Camera dei Deputati . ShockVillage: LA DOPPIA e VERGOGNOSA FACCIA DELL’UCOII e ASSOCIAZIONE DI IDEE COME ASSIOMA . Marco Taradash: Cazzoni, fighette e rottinculo

Jim Hoft has posted important picture proof of the Saddam-Al Qaeda connection

Australian PM Howard Calls on Muslims to Accept Israel’s Right to Exist

Another victory for misogyny: Pakistan gives in to conservatives on rape law

Russian imperialism at it again. Attempted coup d’etat against Georgia’s democratically-elected leader is supported by Putin’s regime. (h/t: Publius Pundit )

CINA/ LE NOTIZIE DALL’ESTERO CONTROLLATE DALLA CENSURA.Stretta del regime contro le agenzie di stampa straniere

Haiti’s Political Prisoners Exemplify Challenges of Democratic Transition.Three months into Haitian constitutional President Rene Preval’s term, his government has released most of the high-profile political prisoners jailed by the Interim Government of Haiti (I.G.H.) that was in power from 2004-2006

Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia: Inauguran Movimiento de Derechos Humanos en Gibara

Las Damas de Blanco aún más reprimidas

A campaign to call on the Nobel Committee to award the Cuban Ladies in White with the Nobel Peace Prize is taking place. These brave women (wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of political prisoners) since their loved ones’ arrest, march defying the regime, around the Santa Rita church in Havana, many coming from other Cuban provinces, many others are blocked by the political police and forced to stay home. They always bring flowers in their hands,compared to the Castroite mobs who are armed with batons.  These women represent love and peace compared to the hatred and violence which are part of the communist ideology. The ladies are becoming more popular as many more Cubans are knowing about them.

Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil : Apoyan Premio Nobel de la Paz para Las Damas de Blanco

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  1. […] And, secondly, accusations of being beside the Giorgadze Coup Attempt had been raised. The coup intended to change the Georgian Government (via Free Thoughts): Nearly 30 people were arrested in Georgia on suspicion of plotting a coup against the government, officials said. They say those detained are supporters of Igor Giorgadze — the fugitive former head of the state security service. Lawyers for those arrested deny the coup accusations, saying the arrests amount to political persecution. […]

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